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C ++ uses an abstract class to calculate the circle, square, rectangle, trapezoid, and triangle area.

Question: Write a program that defines the abstract base class shape and derives five Derived classes: cricle (circle, square (square, rectangle (rectangle), trapezoid (trapezoid ), triangle (triangle ). use virtual functions to calculate the area

Chapter 3 Introduction to Triangle Learning application (1) (as3.0)

Starting from this chapter, we will learn about triangle learning and apply it to animation technology in chapter 5.It will be exposed during the graphic technique. If you already know about triangle learning or want to learn about animation, you

Calculate the area of a circle, rectangle, triangle

Class Progarm{static void Main (string[] argm){Console.WriteLine ("Select to shape (enter the graphics serial number)");Console.WriteLine ("1, Circle, 2, Rectangle, 3, triangle);String str = Console.ReadLine ();Switch (STR){Case

Whether the is_infinite () length of the oblique side of the right triangle is infinite

Definition and usage: is_infinite () determines whether it is an infinite value. Syntax: the is_infinite (x) parameter description x is required and specifies the value to be checked. Note: If x is positive or negative, for example, log (...

Junior high School Geometry review, known right triangle angle and adjacent edge length to seek the edge length

I believe that in the face of procedural problems involving geometric operations, there is no need to draft a direct strike out the correct code of the great God is present, of course I am not.Recently encountered a practical problem, need to use

Poj 1163 the triangle)

The triangle Time limit:1000 ms   Memory limit:10000 K Total submissions:38195   Accepted:22946 Description 73 88 1 02 7 4 44 5 2 6 5 (figure 1) Figure 1 shows a number triangle.

Use the three functions to calculate the triangle, square, and circular area respectively (all bottom height radius are input

/*2. Use the three functions to calculate the triangle, square, and circular area respectively.Input); in the main function, you can choose to call them separately;*/ # Include # Define P 3.14Double Sanjiao (double Di, double Gao){Double mianji =

Php hypot () Cartesian triangle Oblique Edge length is_infinite () is unlimited Value

Definition and usageIs_infinite () determines whether it is an infinite value. SyntaxIs_infinite (x) parameter descriptionX is required. Specifies the value to be checked. DescriptionIf x is infinite (positive or negative), for example, log (0)

An in-depth study on the algorithm of the number of Yang Hui in the nth row of the triangle

Yang Hui triangle: First of all to popularize some of the knowledge we do not need to know (just want to install the force ...) ). Yang Hui Triangle, the reason is called Yang Hui Triangle, is because he in the Chinese mathematician Yang Hui a

C # implementation Triangle Area Calculator

Objective Last week, human-Computer Interaction class teacher assigned a homework, let us realize a triangle area calculator, have the kind of interface, programming language is not limited, and disclosed that use C # to achieve more convenient.

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