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Ask N. The number of digits The main learning today is the Stirling formula:log10 (sqrt (2.0*pi*n)) +n*log10 (n/e)Problem Solving Ideas:Two methods of solution1:1+LG (1) +LG (2) +. +LG (N)2:strling formula.Method One:Analysis:The title means to give

poj1423---Ask for a large number of digits, I guess the algorithm that counts less than how many bits of input characters on the site

Law one: The logarithm of a number, +1 rounding is its number of digitsProblem converted to int (log10 (n!) +1), logarithmic property log10 (n!) =LOG10 (N) +log10 (N-1) +...+log10 (1)/* Use LOG10 to find the number of digits */#include #include int

An algorithm for statistical problems _c language

The page number of a book is encoded from the natural number 1 in order until the natural number N. The pages of the book are arranged in the usual way, with no extra leading digits of 0 per page. For example, page 6th is represented by 6 instead of

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The Stirling formula is a mathematical formula used to approximate the n factorial. In general, when N is very large, the calculation of n factorial is very large, so the Stirling formula is very useful, and even when N is very small, the Stirling

Matlab for FFT and Power spectrum

FFT and Power spectral estimation Power Spectrum---Periodic graph method for signal extraction using Fourier transform ClFfs=1000;n=256; The length of the nfft=256;% data and the length of the data used by the FFTTime series used by

The number of digits and exact values of a large number of factorial calculations "go"

Source:, worship the original author heheWe know that the number of bits of integer n is calculated as: log10 (n) +1So the number of n! is log10 (n!) +1If the specific value of n! is required, the

HDU 3117 Fibonacci numbers (onacci matrix acceleration recursion + formula)

The question is very simple: calculate the number of the n-th ononacci. If the number of the first four and the last four are output in the middle of the Eight-bit output..., otherwise, the number of Fibonacci is directly output. The last four

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How many factorial digits are there in 1000? How many consecutive zeros are there?There is a factorial FormulaFor example, 1000 factorial digits:Log10 (1) + log10 (2) + · + long10 (1000) is rounded up and then added to 1OrLog (N !) = LnN! /Ln10=

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ABS   Prototype: extern int ABS (int x ); Usage: # include Function: calculates the absolute value of integer x. Description: calculation | x |. If X is not negative, X is returned. Otherwise,-X is returned. Example: // Abs. c # Include # Include

Learning Notes St Algorithm

"Intro" RMQ (Range minimum/maximum Query) Question:For series A with length n, answer a number of questions RMQ (A,I,J) (I,jMethod1, simple (that is, search), O (n)-O (qn) online.    2, line tree, O (n)-O (Qlogn) online.        3, ST (essentially

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