how to change mc name

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[Post] MC events-I learned a lot after reading them !!

OnClipEvent ()AvailabilityFlash Player 5. UsageOnClipEvent (movieEvent ){// Here is your statement} ParametersMovieEvent is a trigger called an event. When an event occurs, execute the statement in braces following the event. You can specify any of

Cluster software MC/serviceguard Overview

Cluster software MC/serviceguard Overview1.High reliabilityMC/serviceguard (Multi-computer/serviceguard) is a software structure designed to protect key business applications from software and hardware faults. Using MC/serviceguard, multiple nodes

MC (midnight Commander) Usage Details

What is MC? With the popularity of gnome and KDE graphic interfaces, the file browser derived from GNU, known as Swiss Army knife # Debian, is increasingly unknown.   First: Wolf @ Debian :~ $ Man MC name Mc-Visual shell for Unix-like systems.

Flash Gets the music data stream, makes the MC that changes with the music

The creation of this requires the acquisition of an audio spectrum, the audio spectrum into the data, this dongdong needs a software called Flashamp this software is very small, and do not need to install, direct use, and later put the software

Beginners Flash People's Gospel FAQ Big Summary

Beginners | questions 1. What do you mean by the MC, FS, as representative on the forum?Mc=movie Clip (cartoon break); Fs=fscommand is a very important command set for Flash; As=action script is the programming language of Flash. 2. Please say the

Flash8 blendmode--Light and shadow transformation

Demo file : Production idea : Create a movie clip, which contains five frames, each frame with a different color of the ball, in the code we will use ActionScript to control its jump frame has been positioned in different colors of the ball, to

Website monitoring platform Integration Jindi MC-880066

The website monitoring platform helps small and medium enterprises monitor the health of websites. Provide real-time fault alarm, multi-dimensional performance indicators monitoring, periodic (day, week, month) Report push services, the product in a

Linux drivers installed on MC provide three solutions

Linux drivers installed on MC provide three solutions-general Linux technology-Linux technology and application information. The following is a detailed description. Method 1: for Ubuntu, the preferred method is to install the driver that comes with

Mc&redis&ehcache Introduction

I haven't updated my blog for a long time, I hope I can continue to write in the future, and now I find this is a great process. The use and introduction of the cache has been sorted out very early, and now it is posted as a personal note:memecached

Flash Practical Code Summary 1th/2 page _flash as

External call SWF On (release) { Loadmovienum ("service.swf", 1); } External Call data Loadvariablesnum ("About.txt", 0); System.usecodepage = true;//Chinese Music Join Mysound = new Sound (); Mysound.attachsound ("1"); Mysound.start (); Turn off

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