how to change mouse settings on mac

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How to change the Mac computer settings default browser

How to change the default browser settings for Apple Mac computer 1, first find "system Preferences" in the dock bar, open it, as shown in the figure: 2, in the System Preferences click to open the "general" option, as shown in the picture 3, in the general settings interface, you can see the "Default

Cross-domain settings for Windows & Mac Chrome-includes two settings, both before and after version 49

when the WebApp is developed, it is often necessary to set the browser to support cross-domain mode for some reason, but the Chrome browser supports cross-domain settings, and there are many chrome cross-domain Setup tutorials on the web. But the new version of Chrome has raised the threshold for cross-domain settings, and the original method no longer applies. The following is a brief introduction to the n

Some basic settings for Mac (share article)

mouse keyboard, with a lot of workflows, habits can greatly reduce the operating time.Easy to get started, the cost of tuning in the late custom workflows, but there are a large number of Lei Feng users to provide a ready-made extension, visit here to choose like, and can be extremely simple to modify according to their needs.Installation:brew cask install alfredResources Hacker ' s Guide to Setting up Your

How to do the mouse fluttering simple settings for a better game experience

very If it is because of these two problems, there is only one solution, that is--change. However, in general, the current game players are unlikely to buy this slag can not use the mouse and mouse pad, so the phenomenon of the mouse is often not because of their rise. At present, most of the time, resulting in play

What to do with the mouse click Change Double

When you click a folder with the mouse, the display is not selected, but it opens directly, as if you were double-clicking the operation. The operation of the program is the same, just click on a shortcut, the program is opened. This kind of problem is generally due to careless changes in the relevant settings, strictly speaking is not a fault, we just have to change

Configure an external keyboard and mouse Input method switch for Mac

As a code dog, Mac keyboards can't knock out happy yards of farm life.Tangled for a long time, halfway to try other methods, and ultimately feel that Mac convenience, because the paper and coding can be resolved, but also to go home overtime, more convenient than the desktop.I can't let my mac be used for entertainment anymore. Start the bitter two-year sprint!!!

New MAC Installation Guide (general article) (Recommended settings, software installation, recommended software)

Note: This article will be not regularly maintained and updated, and will be the first time to update on Github, the need for friends please directly subscribe to this article issues: "New MAC Installation Guide (general article)".On the MAC computer only with the Windows operating system classmate please see here after the direct detour, hehe. Love programming Friends After browsing this article, please co

How to change the Win7 system mouse pointer style

How to change the mouse pointer? Want to make their computer very personality, the mouse pointer must also personality. How do you change the mouse pointer? Next, small compilation teaches everybody win7 system mouse pointer repla

Mac 10.12 Sierra Mechanical Keyboard +RATM programmable mouse recording

System: Mac 10.12 Sierrakeyboard: Mechanical keyboardMouse: Mad Catz RATMbefore Mac 10.11/10.12:Mechanical Keyboard: general mechanical keyboard used on Mac, Alt and win key is need to replace function, can use to do replace use;Mad Catz RATM programmable wireless Mouse:

Mac, move the mouse to the corner of the screen, instant lock.

done, the screen saver's mouse hotspot is complete. But if your Mac doesn't set a password, please enter the security and privacy settings password, please ensure that the "go to sleep or start screen saver wake up the computer needs to enter the password", and in the Drop-down menu select "Immediately", with the mouse

Win7 How do you change the pattern of the mouse pointer in your computer?

Perhaps in the eyes of many users, the mouse has been "mouse", that is, everyone's eyes of the mouse pattern is a small triangle, the impression has been fully portrayed in the brain, it seems that can not accept its changes. Yes, in fact, we have a lot of things in the computer can be changed and we do not choose to change

The website mouse changes the change!

Now the design of the Web page pay attention to the overall unified style, whether it is the text of the page, image, or browser scroll bars are required to color and style consistent. But a lot of friends on the Web page does not change the appearance of the mouse to feel distressed, I will introduce two ways to change the m

How does mac connect the Bluetooth mouse?

A lot of new Mac Novice is not very skilled in the use of Macs, some basic knowledge may not have started, let alone connect external devices. So, a lot of people are asking, Mac How to connect the Bluetooth mouse? Today, we're in position to bring you a tutorial on connecting the Bluetooth mouse to the

Apple Mac move mouse to screen corner instant lock machine

Turn on System Preferences and press Mission control. At the bottom left of Mission control will see "hot", press down will pop up to enable the screen hotspot list, inside? Four Corners four mouse hotspot function, open pull down menu There are many functional options, such as Mission Control, application window and so on, but we want to be " Start Screen saver ", you can set to one of four corners, for example I set to the upper left corner.

Getting Started with Mac Pro, problems encountered, summary of personalization settings

problem with the setup.How do I maximize the Chrome window under " question 5" Mac?Mac, double-click the top of the chrome window is not maximized full screen, but up and down full screen, left and right screen. To get a full screen left and right, you need to hold down the SHIFT key while you double-click ." Issue 6" Mac installed software after the desktop app

How do I change the WIN8 system mouse double-click speed?

WIN8 computer can change the speed of the mouse double-click to make the user's work more efficient, each time users can easily control the performance of the mouse to change the speed of the click, this can affect the efficiency of the slow click Change faster and more comf

How to make mouse-related settings in Windows7

Right-click the space on the desktop to select personalization, as shown in the figure: Click "Change mouse pointer" on the top left, as shown in the picture: In the pop-up Mouse Properties window, we can choose the specific scheme to change the color and size of the

Mac mouse Scrolling Direction natural problem

When your Mac uses the mouse, the wheel direction is the opposite of Windows. Assuming that the scroll direction is not checked, then the touchpad is uncomfortable to use.The workaround:1, open, download scroll reverser.2. Drag the software into the application.3, double-click Open time need in System Preferences | Security and privacy,

Win7 the right mouse button menu settings: Replace the menu background

Like to replace their own computer desktop wallpaper, when we use the right mouse button when the menu is just drab gray, then want to do for your right mouse menu background also set a favorite background, Win7 the right mouse button menu settings: Change the background of

How does mac switch input method? Mac input shortcut key settings

How does mac switch input method? The operation of the Apple Computer and Windows system operation is different, a lot of things are not the same way to operate, of course, each function of the corresponding shortcut keys are also large, PC6 small series for you to introduce two ways to achieve input method, I hope this article can help everyone. If the language preferences on the Mac computer have not cha

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