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[Android] Achieve click to continue recording, release the end of the recording, and realize the size of the decibel to change the picture

dialog implementation of display recording sizepublic class Viocedomio {private Context mcontext; Private Alertdialog Dialog; Private Alertdialog.builder Adialogbuile; Private ImageView vioce_show; Public Viocedomio (Context mcontext) {this.mcontext=mcontext; } public void Showrecordingdialog () {adialogbuile = new Alertdialog.builder (Mcontext, ); Layoutinflater inflater = Layoutinflater.from

Android preset default voicemail number implementation

-conf.xmlFor ICS and ICS2 versions, you also need to build \ target \ product \ common. mk, add statement PRODUCT_COPY_FILES + = mediate/source/frameworks/telephony/etc/voicemail-conf.xml: system/etc/voicemail-conf.xmlFor Versions later than JB and JB2, you also need to build \ target \ product \ common. mk, add statement PRODUCT_COPY_FILES + = mediate/frameworks/base/telephony/etc/

Android imitation WeChat recording function, custom control design skills, android recording function

Android analog recording function, custom control design skills, android recording function Welcome to my Android Development Group [257053751] Recently, as a recording function is required (/James quietly revealed that don't tell

Android audio processing through Audiorecord to save PCM files for recording, playback, stop, delete function _android

Audio this aspect is very profound, I certainly can not speak what advanced things, at most also just some basic knowledge, first, we want to introduce Android he provided the recording class, in fact, he has two, one is Mediarecorder, There is another one that we are going to use today, what is the difference between them? Audiorecord I. Distinction Mediarecorder and Audiorecord can record audio, the dif

Android imitation WeChat recording function, custom control design skills

Android imitation recording function and custom control design skills Welcome to my Android Development Group [257053751] Recently, as a recording function is required (/James quietly revealed that don't tell Sweet Potato, that is, the new version of the OSC Client Oh), at first we plan to adopt the imitation

Android micro-letter Video Recording function implementation detailed introduction _android

Android Mini-letter video recording function Before development I've been in touch with video-related controls these days, so, following the micro-letter before shaking, I thought of to realize the micro-letter Small video recording function, it's more functional points, I spend some time every day to write, to tell the truth, some things are still more laborio

Android Recording Distortion specific solution

_defaults = { 4. ............. 5.samplerate:audiorecord::D efault_sample_rate, 6. ............. 7.}; 8.} Set up: 9.static const int default_sample_rate = 44100; However, the results of the re-burning program still has the problem of the Android recording distortion, the sampling rate is still 8000, it seems to be other places to cover the value. Then I tried to

"Share" performance "1" for Android video recording editing effect

serious video file size gap, will not cause the slow speed of the card writing bottleneck problem, but also to solve the editing time to drag the progress bar of the accuracy of the problem, while solving the key frame pumping frame problem, because the temporary files are written by themselves, the document what content can be self-control. Have to say that a problem is the definition of abstract video file read Write interface reader and writer, and read write to the formal MP4 file implement

Volume Calculation During Android and iOS recording

I am often asked how to calculate the volume during recording. The iOS platform has APIs that can be called directly, but there is no good method on the Android platform, so we have to calculate it by ourselves. The demand for volume calculation is because many applications want to achieve some animation effects based on the volume. Therefore, based on this requirement, we only need to

Android Studio 2.2 Espresso Test Recorder-----Hands-free, test by recording test process

assertions for the vertical screen. Although you can add assertions horizontally, the screen catcher still displays it as portrait, and the red bounds of the selected UI element do not match the actual position of the element.Save the recorded informationAfter interacting with the app and saving the assertion information, use the following steps to save the recorded information and generate the espresso test:1. Click Complete Recording. A window will

Android call recording implementation

Due to System Restrictions, only the voice of the microphone can be recorded, and the voice of the other speaker cannot be recorded. You may need to change the kernel to implement two-way recording; When the phone is connected and the phone is hung up, shake it down; Use broadcast receiver to enable auto-start; Service Code: Package com. eboy. phonelistener; Import java. Io. file; Import

Use Mediarecorder for video recording in Android

, 144);Set a video frame numberRecorder.setvideoframerate (20);Set the path for video storagetry {File file =new file (Environment.getexternalstoragedirectory (). Getcanonicalpath (), "Myvideo.mp4");Recorder.setoutputfile (File.getabsolutepath ());Set previewRecorder.setpreviewdisplay (Surface.getholder (). Getsurface ());Prepare to recordRecorder.prepare ();} catch (IOException e) {E.printstacktrace ();}Recorder.start ();Change

Android MediaRecorder recording and Playback

The previous article talked about the use of intent recording. This article will use the MediaRecorder class for recording to provide more flexibility. : Source code: Package com. multimediademo9mediarecorder; import java. io. file; import android. app. activity; import android

Share an Android version of QQ LAN Instant Messaging software (can send files, voice, recording)

One, the supported features have text information interaction, voice chat, send files and recordingThe source code will be attached later.Second, the UI display diagramThree, after my test, is very successful. Just a little bit is the voice of real-time calls when the voice will echo or even panic. File transfer and text, recording are more successful.The software is the application of Java code, on the Android

Android 2.3.7.R1 Camera When you press the menu key during video recording _android

Android 2.3.7.r1 stops recording when you press the menu key. Change to video when pressing the menu key does not do processing, you can make the following modifications: In Packages/apps/cameraopen/src/com/mediatek/camera/ In the OnKeyDown () method: Modify Copy Code code as follows: Case Keyevent.keycode_menu: if (mheadupdis

Android audio and video recording mediarecorder usage example

Mediarecorder enables recording and recording. Mediarecorder official instructions: Http:// When using mediarecorder for recording videos, you must strictly abide by the function call sequence in the API instructions. Otherwise, the video cannot be execute

Error recording of Android notes

Preface-A good memory is not as bad as writing, recording the Android learning process encountered a variety of problem bugs. O (∩_∩) oErrorcaused by:android.content.res.resources$notfoundexception:string resource ID #0x0The reason for the error--usually the int data is assigned to a string, and then the TextView display will appear as above error.workaround -- use string.valueof or add "" after int dataFat

Android video recording never getting started to the Getting Started series tutorial (iii) ———— video direction

Run Android video recording never getting started to the Getting Started series tutorial (b) ———— display the demo in the video image, we should be able to find that the direction of the video is wrong.Because of Android, the camera gives us the original direction of the video picture in this way:That is, even if you are holding a cell phone vertically, the camer

Android Change Expandablelistview indicator icon implementation method _android

The example of this article describes the implementation of the indicator icon for Android change Expandablelistview. Share to everyone for your reference, specific as follows: 1 Define XML file first, named Expand_list_indicator.xml 2 The XML file is invoked after the Expandablelistview instance ID is obtained Expandablelistview mexpandlist = (expandablelistview) Findviewbyid (

Android 4.1 Audio System Change description

Go from Android 4.1 audio system Change instructions to Android 4.1, English code abbreviation for JB. In the eyes of the Chinese people, the word jb is also a little related to animals. Google so frequently modified Android, finally launched a can be all day jb JB hanging in the mouth of the version. Later my article

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