how to check disk space in linux server

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Use magic partitioning master pq8.0 to expand disk C Space

I think everyone should know about the disk partition management software developed by Norton? It allows you to adjust disk partitions, repartition, adjust partition size, merge partitions, and convert disk partition formats without affecting data

disk, partition, and Linux file systems

1. Basic Disk Knowledge 1.1 Physical StructureThe physical structure of the hard disk is usually composed of the head and the disc, the motor, the main control chip and the line and so on, when the main motor drives the disc rotation, the auxiliary

Zabbix Server database migration from insufficient disk space in Linux system

has not been to care about Zabbbix server storage space issues, the recent Zabbix alert/root directory disk space is not enough, so log in Zabbix to see a bit, found that the root directory only 1.3MB, what to do? The first thought is the extension

What is a disk array?

Disk Arrays, short for RAID (redundantparrayspofpinexpensivepdisks), refer to "cheap and redundant disk arrays. The principle is to use arrays as disk groups and use them in combination with the Design of Distributed Data arrangement to improve data

Chapter 8 Linux disk management

Chapter 8 Linux disk management 【View disk or directory capacityDfAndDu] DfYou can view the total capacity, usage, and remaining capacity of a mounted disk without adding any parameters. The default value is displayed in k. Common df parameters

SQL Server disk space emergency (disk expansion) reprint

First, backgroundIn the online system, what should we do if we find that there is not enough disk space to store the database files? Can I buy a new hard drive to mount? (Linux can be mounted directly on the drive to expand), but our SQL Server is

Df commands for Linux disk management and instance usage (View disk space usage)

In linux, the df command is used to check the disk space usage of the file system of the linux server. You can use this command to obtain the disk space occupied and the remaining space. 1. command format: Df [option] [file] 2. command

Linux server disk space is full.

Linux server disk space is full.Next, let's take a look at the article about how to solve the problem of disk occupation of Linux servers (/dev/sda3 is full). We hope that people who encounter such problems can help us. Today, leader of an

Linux kernel space and user spatial information interaction method

 Linux kernel space and user spatial information interaction methodThe author of this article :Kang Hua : Master of Computer Science, mainly engaged in the Linux operating system core, Linux technology standards, computer security, software testing

DF and Du commands for Linux Disk Management

DF View the total capacity of mounted disks, usage capacity, remaining capacity, etc., can not add any parameters, by default is displayed in K unitsDF Common parameters are –i-h-k–m, etc.-I display results using inodes-h display in the appropriate

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