how to check dns health

Want to know how to check dns health? we have a huge selection of how to check dns health information on

Kubernetes How to implement service discovery with Kube-dns

Outline: ? How to discover services in Kubernetes ? How to discover the services provided by pod ? How to use service discovery Services ? How to use the Kube-dns discovery service ? Kube-dns principle ? Composition ?

DNS server Health Check

Article Title: explores the running status of DNS servers. Linux is a technology channel of the IT lab in China. Includes basic categories such as desktop applications, Linux system management, kernel research, embedded systems, and open source. In

Linux DNS server Health Check

In Linux, it provides a widely used BIND server, which is the most common server software for building DNS servers. There are many articles about BIND installation. Now let's talk about the maintenance topic. How can we understand the running status

Kubernetes (k8s) How to use Kube-dns to implement service discovery

Outline: How to discover services in KubernetesHow to discover how pod-provided services use the Service Discovery service to use the Kube-dns discovery service Kube-dns principleCompose domain name format configuration Note: This share is based on

Cloud computing design mode (11)--Health Endpoint monitoring mode

Cloud computing design mode (11)--Health Endpoint monitoring modeImplementing external tools can periodically access the functional checks in the application by exposing the terminal. This mode can help verify that the applications and services are

Kubernetes through Kube-dns Discovery Service

Kube-dns compositionKube-dns can solve the service discovery problem, k8s registers the service name as a domain name into Kube-dns, and can access the services it provides through the name of the service.Kube-dns of four components: ETCD, which is

Kubernetes Cluster Configuration DNS Service

This article will be based on the previous article on the configuration of the DNS service in the Kubernetes cluster environment, in the k8s cluster, pod life cycle is short, pod restart IP address will change, for the application this is

Three-dns of Linux Server Deployment series

There is a lot of knowledge about DNS on the Internet, I will not talk about the principle of DNS and do noun explanation here. In this article we will take an example to describe the configuration of DNS, the experimental environment is as follows:

High-availability dns Solution

I talked to you about dns yesterday. I thought about it today. In fact, there are three types of dns used in the production environment: 1. intranet DNS call is generally a group of data centers with a ms structure. The main function is to call

Kubernetes [2]: Service discovery mechanism and cluster DNS installation (no CA certified version)

  Service discovery mechanism Kubernetes provides two ways to discover the service:1. Environment Variables    When the pod is running, Kubernetes writes the information for the service that existed before     This method requires that the pod must

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