how to check dns replication status

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Linux Centos 6.5 DNS master-slave replication configuration (bind-9.8.2) in NS In A In A In A In A[[email protected] ~]# vim/var/named/ parsing area$TTL 1D@ in SOA (2017071412; Serial//Synchronous coding1D; Refresh1H; Retry1W; Expire3H); Minimum@ in NS in PTR in NS in PTR in PTR in PTR t

Master-slave replication, zone transfer for the Linux DNS service family

/wkiom1xqpetcex_jaadwek36wgy789.jpg "/>Zone Transfer ( zone transfer )The process of copying a zone file to multiple servers is called a zone transfer . It is implemented by copying the information from the zone file on the primary server to the secondary server.Two ways to copy zone files (zone transfer):AXFR ( full zone transfer): All zone files are copied, and the entire zone file is copied.such as: Dig–t AXFR 51yunxuexi.clubIXFR ( Incremental zone transfer): incremental zone File

How to check DNS cache poisoning

The other side, the flowers are not open * DNS Server Detection Method:This article focuses on the BIND server. The following experiment targets BIND9 service installed on Solaris10 (Version: 9.2.4 ).The BIND server can detect exceptions in two ways: query to identify exceptions or View CACHE records to identify exceptions.1) identify exceptions through queryThis function requires the BIND log audit function to be enabled. First, run the rndc command

Section 6 MongoDB status monitoring, backup replication, and automatic partitioning

(table) to other servers for distributed storage. This reduces the amount of data in a single table and balances the load of write operations. Status Monitoring HTTP Console Mongo shell diagnostic commands Backup and Replication Backup/restore Master-slave Replica sets Automatic sharding Auto sharding 1. Stat

After two hosts build MySQL master-slave replication, show slave status shows: Last_io_error:error Connecting to master ...

!!! Several issues to be aware of: Use the original password instead of the hashed password in the Master_password section of the change master to statement. Note When viewing the error log file at the first time, you can use the Perror tool to view specific errors based on the error code. Several other FAQs: MySQL does not start: First look at the error log file prompts for the error, based on the error to find the reason, see the configuration file data directory, such as the correct configu

Lync Project Experience -05-Coexistence Migration-lync 2013-TO-SFB 2015-Edge server replication status is unhealthy

) this.width=650; "height=" 143 "title=" clip_image010 "style=" margin:0px;border:0px;padding-top:0px; Padding-right:0px;padding-left:0px;background-image:none, "alt=" clip_image010 "src=" M00/89/69/wkiom1gr_bpa0_ruaabb1i4dv24738.png "border=" 0 "/>650) this.width=650; "height=" 335 "title=" clip_image011 "style=" margin:0px;border:0px;padding-top:0px; Padding-right:0px;padding-left:0px;background-image:none, "alt=" clip_image011 "src=" M00

MySQL replication Environment check script

Author: skateTime: 2013/05/13 MySQL replication Environment check script This script is deployed on the slave side. You can monitor the mysqld health, replication Environment Health, and replication latency of slave by text message or email. Script: #! /Bin/bash### Author: skate### Time: 2013-05-14

How do I check if MySQL replication is working correctly in the MySQL database?

Tags: MySQL database database administrator database engineer database developmentCheck that replication is working by performing the show slave status on Slavemysql> SHOW SLAVE Status\g1. Row ***************************Slave_io_state:waiting for Master to send eventMaster_host:master1Master_user:rootmaster_port:3306Connect_retry:60master_log_file:mysql-bin.00000

MongoDB status Monitoring, backup replication, and automatic sharding

If MongoDB is just a document-type database, there is no bright spot, however MongoDB's greatest advantage is read-extended, hot-backup, failback, and Auto-sharding (write extension). This section of the series to the end of the introduction of these features.Backup copy realizes the database backup simultaneously, realizes the reading and writing separation, and realizes the load balance of the read operation, namely one main write server, multiple slave backup and read server, and supports the

Scripting MySQL master-slave replication status monitoring

;set global sql_slave_skip_counter=1;startslave;"FiDone# No3 Check MySQL replication StatusMysql_status= ($ ($Mysql _cmd "show slave Status\g" |egrep "_running|_behind_master" |awk ' {print $NF} '))Flag=0For n in${mysql_status[@]}DoIf ["$n"! = "Yes"-a "$n"! = "0"];thenLetflag=flag+1FiDone# No4 Mail to System ManagerIf [$Flag-ne 0];thenecho "[$Date] there is $Flag

How does php check the synchronization status of mysql in linux?

This article describes how to check the synchronization status of mysql using php in linux. it is a practical technique for detecting the synchronization status of mysql using php in Linux and has some reference value, for more information about how to check mysql synchronization s

How to check the synchronization status of mysql in linux using php? linuxmysql_PHP tutorial

How does php check the synchronization status of mysql in linux? linuxmysql. How php detects the synchronization status of mysql in linux. This article describes how php detects the synchronization status of mysql in linux. Share it with you for your reference. The specific analysis is as follows: how does php

How does php check the synchronization status of mysql in linux?

How does php check the synchronization status of mysql in linux? This article describes how to check the synchronization status of mysql using php in linux. It is a practical technique for detecting the synchronization status of mysql using php in Linux and has some referenc

Linux System load Status check script

to facilitate the analysis of the problem, a Linux stateful inspection script was written, and the script could be placed in any directory, and the script would output log records to the current directory after it was executed. The direct execution script can be used for one-time detection and can be analyzed through logs. If long monitoring is required, the-x parameter can be executed, and the script automatically increments the scheduled task and outputs the log to the/tmp directory. If you ne

Communication error: (-1) [Description: The router DDNS address could not be resolved, check the DDNS status.] Analytic approach

Easyradius Tip: Communication error: (-1) [Description: Unable to resolve router DDNS address, check DDNS status.]The above problems, and Easyradius no direct contact, the main cause of the two possible reasons:Perhaps the 1:easyradius server is a dual-line, using the DNS to resolve IP, and then your DDNS domain name in the resolution of the unstable phen

Real-time check MySQL database latency replication Interrupt Data Latency

Tags: mysql databaseScript Writing ideas:(1) According to show slave statusg;l column seconds_behind_master;(2) seconds_behind_master= NULL to determine which of the IO or SQL processes stopped or both stopped(3) seconds_behind_master= 0 copy Normal(4) seconds_behind_master>0 description Master-Slave delayThe above (2), (4) will send a mail alarm, normal ignore, script 10s capture data once.#!/bin/bash######################################### automatic check

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