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Check if the SMTP address is blacklisted by the detection site

Tags: arch rom move contos content massive power enc via 通常,我们可能因为某些用户发送了一些非常规邮件,邮件出口地址被一些权威网站列入黑名单,导致大量业务邮件无法正常发送。 这时候,我们可以通过powershell写一些关于IP地址检测的脚本,并列入计划任务,最大程度上降低邮件出口地址被列入黑名单产生的业务影响,脚本内容如下:#获取页面信息$web = (invoke-webrequest ""). Content#自定义邮件属性 Content$msg 1= " blacklist, please check!"$msg 2= "MailAddress isn't included in the blacklist!"$SMTP = "SMTP S

Use Nslookup to see if the IP of the mail server is blacklisted by spam advisory

There are many spam advisory databases on the Internet, such as Spamhaus.For example, to query whether IP is blacklisted by, you can use the following commandNslookup the returned result is non-existent domain, there is no problemIf

How can I check whether Reverse Domain name resolution is successful?

A friend:For example, if your mail server's fixed IP address is 218.5.x.x, you can use NSLookup to check whether reverse resolution is successful. C: \ Documents ents and Settings \ Administrator> NSLookup Name:Xxxxx.comAddress: 218.5.x.x If no reverse direction is

How can I check if the domain name is K?

When registering a new domain name, you need to check whether it has been crossed by K, especially Google or Baidu K, even a face change may not be effectively indexed by search engines for a long time. The method is as follows: 1. Use the site:/link: two search commands to view the domain name's indexing status. If

Check your domain name, see your domain 100% belong to you?

Recently, many webmaster reaction, after the transaction, in the conversion agent, found that they do not have the control of the domain name. The problem is more serious and more prominent. Here today to do a comprehensive domain name detection activities. Domain name of the Chinese registrar: Please

Apache has configured a multi-domain site, but access to the third domain site shows the page is indeed the first domain site?

site shows that it is indeed the content of the first domain name site, the server has been restarted N times, and the web Directory is certainly correct (because I read the content returned by phpinfo, indeed, script_root is indeed the B path when accessing domain name a).

A PHPWhois domain name check function code _ PHP Tutorial

A PHPWhois domain name checks the function code. A Whois check code used in the previous PHP host domain name program to determine whether the queried domain name is registered. the Function includes most of the domain name suffix

How to check whether the domain name has been punished by search engines?

The choice of domain name is very important to a website, so how can you judge a domain name by search engine K too? Today, we share some common practices with you, and I hope we can help you. After making a website, we should choose a domain name for this website, and the choice of

A php whois domain name check function code

In the previous PHP host domain name program used in a WHOIS check code, used to determine whether the queried domain name is registered, the function contains most of the domain name suffix, will be based on the suffix of different connections to different query servers, pr

How to check whether domain name resolution takes effect

After a domain name resolution record is added or modified, it generally takes one hour or several minutes to take effect, but it generally takes 24 hours to take effect. So how can we check whether the resolution has taken effect? In fact, it is very simple to use ping on the windows command line. Method 1: Click "sta

What is the value of a domain name-fuzzy ART in Domain Name authentication

activity on the Internet? If the answer is yes, the value of this domain name will be more impressive. Can this domain name become a trademark? If the answer is yes, the value of this domain name will increase greatly. 3. Trademark conflicts.You are careful with every ste

A php whois domain name check function code _php tutorial

Previously in the PHP host domain name program used by a WHOIS check code to determine whether the domain name being queried is registered, the function includes most of the domain name suffix, will be based on the suffix of the different connections to different query serve

The domain name is inexplicably directed to the local device, but the hosts does not specify this domain name. What is the problem?

your domain name and check the returned IP address,Clear the browser cache or try another browser. Take a look at the Domain Name Pointing to on the server, in the/etc/hosts file.It may be that the domain name on the server points to localhost, but localhost does not point to, which leads I think this

Amavisd-new Configure local domain bypass anti-spam check

:[]:10026. Modify Amavisd.conf Open the AMAVISD listening port and AMAVISD will monitor the 10024,10025,10026 three ports later $inet _socket_port = [10024, 10026]; Most people are configured to only open up to 10024, such as $inet_socket_port = 10024. Then add the policy on port 10026, and if you already have a policy on port 10026 in your configuration, please comment it out. $interface _policy{' 10026′} = ' Checkbypass '; $policy _bank{' checkbypass '} = {# Mail from submissio

Amavisd-new Configure local domain bypass anti-spam check

, and don't forget to let go of 587 in the firewall.Use this domain user to try to send an email to see.AMAVIS[30236]: (30236-16) passed clean, checkbypass [] []->, Message-id: , MAIL_ID:ALW5YMALJBGF, Hits:-, size:1605, queued_as:1ffa8474002, MSIf the "Hits:-" section appears, the settings are successful Method Two: Modify @mynetworks.Edit amavisd.confThe default is:@mynetworks

RedHatEnterpriseVirtualizationManagerMoveDisk target domain permission check insufficient Denial of Service Vulnerability

Release date: Updated: Affected System: RedHatEnterpriseVirtualizationManager3.0 Description: describugtraqid: 57750CVE (C Release date:Updated on: 2013-02-27 Affected Systems:RedHat Enterprise Virtualization Manager 3.0Description:--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Bugtraq id: 57750CVE (CAN) ID: CVE-2013-0168Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Manager is a virtual tool used to centrally manage Virtual Server

Inno Setup determines whether the Windows system version (in fact, Delphi code, can also check the domain controller and the Home Edition)

the/98/me and NT4.0, Suitemask is always zero. )[/Align] [Align=left]3example [/align][align=left] The following examples tell you how to install in some versions of Windows and check the service pack level on multiple OS editions. [/Align] [Code] [Code]functionInitializesetup:boolean;varversion:twindowsversion; s:string;beginGetwindowsversionex (Version); //do not accept installation in the Home edition o

PowerShell bulk check domain password weak password

-securestring-asplaintext$_.pwd-force$ ($UserName, $Pass) $dCred = $cred $dusername= $dCred .username$dpassword= $dCred. getnetworkcredential (). Password $currentDomain = "ldap://" + ([ADSI] ""). Distinguishedname$auth=new-object system.directoryservices.direcToryentry ($CurrentDomain, $dUserName, $dPassword) if ($auth .name-eq $null ) {#Write-Host current test user $bb current test password $pwd2 #Write-host "failed to verify password

C-Segment query prototype in Java to check all domain names on an IP (side-station query)

test:Package Nmaptest;import Java.util.hashset;import Java.util.iterator;import java.util.set;public class Domains {/** * @ param args */public static void main (string[] args) {Searchdomainbyip searchdomain = new Searchdomainbyip (); setOutput:We found 55 side stations.Www.anhao.gawww.3ga.ccwww.xiaotwl.cnWapfeih.comWww.52zyw.netLgdyw.pwXxin888.comWww.hksf-expres.comWww.zbhz.topyk666.cnwww.mfdhw.cnDanshenwl.comqq67.cngjdc.ccWww.5x2y0.comWww.wz288.comwapzx.org85pj.cnwww.txbk.ccYajie520.comWww.wu

What is a domain, a domain, and a working group?

interface, and click" new "in the pop-up menu ", select "computer" and enter the name of the computer to be added to the domain. The name of the computer to be added to the domain must be in English. Chinese computer names may cause some problems. 2. Client settings First, check whether the computer name is correc

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