how to check odbc driver version in linux

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VBA connection to MySQL database and ODBC configuration (ODBC version and MySQL version if mismatch can occur driver and application errors)

db_connected = False' Get database connection settingsDsn_name = Trim (Worksheets ("Load Policy"). Cells (2, 5). Value)------(data SOURCE NAME in the ODBC configuration)user_name = Trim (Worksheets ("Load Policy"). Cells (3, 5). Value)Pass_word = Trim (Worksheets ("Load Policy"). Cells (4, 5). Value)' Get Database Settingsdb_name = Trim (Worksheets ("Load Policy"). Cells (8, 5). Value)--------Database nameSet cn = New ConnectionSet rs = New RecordsetS

Connection SQLServer2005 failed--[MICROSOFT][ODBC sql Server Driver][dbnetlib] General network error. Please check your network documentation

Connection SQLServer2005 failed with error message:Error type:Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers (0x80004005)[Microsoft] [ODBC SQL Server Driver] [DBNETLIB] General network error. Please check your network documentation.My connection string is: Driver={sql Server}; S

Is there any way to know the version name of the MySQL ODBC driver installed on the remote server?

Hello, everyone. I have an old program that's asp+mysql. Now only connect to the database via the MySQL ODBC driver But there is no way to know what version of MySQL ODBC driver is installed on the remote server Do not know the detailed

On esxi, how does one check the NIC Driver version and firmware version?

Please use esxcli command. ~ # Esxcli network Nic list Name pcidevice driver link speed duplex MAC address MTU description -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Vmnic0. 0 igb Up 1000 full *** 1500 Intel Corporation i350 gigabit network connection Vmnic1. 1 igb down 0 half *** 1500 Intel Corporation i350 gigabit network connection Vmnic2. 0 tg3 down 0 half *** 1500 Broadcom

MONGODB official website Driver version increase, deletion, check, mongodb2.2.4.26

database = "appdb";//Database name static Mongourl url = new Mongourl (conn); static Mongoclient ci = new mongoclient (URL);//Create mongoclient static imongodatabase db = Ci. Getdatabase (database);//Get Databases Here's how the data is done Add data public static void Insertuser (persion per = null) {//Link to table, database does not exist in table okay, no MongoDB is automatically created A collection//("Persion") collection is also called table var colls = db.

On esxi, how does one check the driver version number of the memory card?

Please use esxcli command ~ # Esxcli storage core adapter list HbA name driver link state uid description ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Vm1_0AhciLink-N/A Sata. vm1_0 (0: 31. 2) Intel Corporation patsburg 6 port SATA ahci Controller Vm1_1 megaraid_sas link-N/A unknown. vm1_1 (. 0) LSI/symbios logic Perc h310adapter Vmbench 32 ahci link-N/A Sata. vmbench 32 (0: 31. 2) Intel

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