how to check system restart in event viewer

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Event Viewer: Windows health check doctor

uninstalled some programs or disabled some services for security reasons, you will find that an error Prompt window will pop up each time you start the system, the system prompts "at least one service or driver has an error since the system was started. For more information, use Event

What is Winows System Event Viewer

The so-called "events" (event, also known as "Log"), refers to the operating system components, services or applications in the audit scope of the behavior, will be the system's event log service automatically recorded and saved to the event log. Viewing these events requires a dedicated tool called

What if the Win7 system doesn't open Event Viewer?

Win7 system does not open Event Viewer? Event Viewer can not only view information about hardware, software, and system issues, but also monitor security events in the Windows operating system

Use Event Viewer to solve operating system faults

Computer System Administrators and general computer users may encounter system errors when operating their computers. Many of my friends are troubled by the inability to find the cause of the error and solve the problem. In fact, most of the system problems can be solved by using the built-in Event

Four ways to open the Win7 system Event Viewer

Method One, Click Start Menu-Control Panel-Administrative Tools-Event Viewer to open the Event Viewer window. Method Two, Open the Run dialog box and enter EVENTVWR, and the Event Viewer can be opened by a carriage retur

How to open the Event Viewer in the Win7 system

Win7 system is now the most customers use a system, but may be a lot of easy to open the way some netizens have not used, such as today we have to say that the Win7 System Event Viewer How to open, in fact, there are several ways, but you do not necessarily know, we will tak

How to open the Event Viewer in the WinXP system

How to open the Event Viewer in the WinXP system First: How does the Event Viewer open? To open Event Viewer, follow these steps: 1. Click Start, and then click Control Panel. Click

Method of using command to quickly open Event Viewer in Win7 system

Event Viewer is a Microsoft Windows operating system tool. Through Event Viewer We can not only view the hardware, the system components of the information, but also to diagnose the root causes of the current

Linux getting started Tutorial: how to check the last restart time of the Linux System

Linux getting started Tutorial: how to check the last restart time of the Linux System Q: Is there a command to quickly check how long the system has been running? That is, how do I know the last restart time of the Linux

After the computer is started, it can complete self-check, but it cannot enter the system (xp sp3), and the infinite loop restart Solution

After the computer starts up, it can complete self-check, but it cannot go into the system (xp sp3). Moreover, the infinite loop restart solution has a small problem on the computer today, resulting in the failure to start the computer, and the BIOS can go in, self-check can be completed, but the

After today's reload of the system, the Wdows update prompts "Windows Update is currently unable to check for updates because the service is not running." You may have to restart the computer "

Panel, change the view in the upper right corner to category, then click "System and Security"--windows update--start or disable Automatic Updates-never check for updates-OK. then click Update.The fourth method is to first close the Windows Update Service in the service, then delete everything inside the c:\windows\SoftwareDistribution\datestore and then turn on the Windows Update Service. Original URL: ht

In the closing event, E. Cancle is set to True, Windows cannot shut down and restart the system workaround

Recently in the design of a WinForm program encountered a bug, that is, the From1 form is set in the Shutdown event e.cancle set to True, causing the system to shut down the restart, Windows7 and Windows XP. What I am designing here is when the user clicks on the fork of the form, does not close the form, but minimizes the form, but when the

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