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Traffic is the root family of websites. How can we increase website traffic? Translation of a foreign webmaster's Experience article from: Zhang hongbiao website)

traffic isSet Goals. I still remember the days when my website was just built and faced with few visits every day. I remember watching the number 37 and silently telling myself, "This is obviously not enough, I want to make my website generate huge traffic." At that time, 10000 of the independent access volume per mon

Many new websites are created under wdcp, but each website has no access traffic. Will the number of websites affect servers?

Many new websites are created under wdcp, but each website has no access traffic. Only one or two websites are active. Does the number of websites affect servers? Will it occupy the server memory? Many new websites are created und

How to prevent traffic from other websites from accessing this website?

How to prohibit traffic from other websites from accessing this website How to prohibit traffic from other websites nbsp; access nbsp; this website, for example, click a link on another webs

How often do you visit those Android websites? With hundreds of Tips Daquan website, e-book Web site, check open room privacy leaked URL, etc.

1, individuals often visit android100,android bus,a5 source code, my abnormal network, EOE,CSDN and so on.Android100 about some of the technical points explained in very detailed, credible, other forum some blogs are basically the only drawback is that no graph mode, which makes people feel unusually embarrassed.My anomaly nets are used to explain some hard-to-fix bugs, with some weeklyA5 applies To download source research effects.Android bus feels good trash could be attacked by websiteEOE Mob

The relationship between personal website traffic and money and how can a personal website be converted into a commercial website?

Relationship between personal website traffic and money Author: UnknownArticleSource: techweb The relationship between personal website traffic and money can be used to calculate the money earned every month. The following data is for reference only. The data listed here is general statistics. The site does not inclu

[Summary] Some websites and tools for network traffic statistics

first professional testing website for broadband users in China. The test website has five topics: 1. Playback test; 2. Speed Test; 3. Quality Test; 4. FAQs; 5. software download. And click the related icon to perform a simple line connectivity test. China interconnect network connection bandwidth DiagramHttp:// Network

Design and development principles for Small-Scale Low-performance low-traffic websites

Design and development principles for Small-Scale Low-performance low-traffic websites I often see articles on analysis of large-scale, high-traffic, and high-performance website architecture design on some technical sites. These articles basically satisfy people's curiosity, however, the actual benefits may not be sig

Enterprise websites require traffic or profit

With the rapid development of the network, more and more enterprises begin to pay attention to the network marketing of their websites. However, due to the lack of professional talents and lack of clear understanding of network marketing, many enterprise websites have invested a lot of money in network marketing and promotion, but have not been able to achieve the desired results. In the end, they complain

[Note] Experience Sharing: websites with high traffic can use static gzip to compress some pages and files

: 98279Content-location: search.gzContent-encoding: GzipContent-Type: text/htmlAge: 64X-Cache: hit from www.veryhman.comConnection: keep-alive Many websites adopt Dynamic gzip compression, reducing traffic, but the website is still slow due to high system overhead. The solution described here adopts a pre-compressed static GZ file and adds HTTP header information

PHP's approach to resolving and handling high-volume, large-traffic access to websites

download, if required to provide, it is recommended to put large files on another server. 5use different hosts to divert the primary traffic to place files on different hosts and provide different images for users to download. For example, if you feel that the RSS files occupy a large amount of traffic, then use services such as FeedBurner or Feedsky to put the RSS output on other hosts, so that others a

Quick promotion and traffic maintenance strategy for free movie websites

Strategy | traffic | promotion See a lot of people to promote the site, they also promote a lot of websites, summed up, free movie station is the most easy to promote, but also the most difficult to stabilize the flow. Here are some of my ideas for promoting free movie sites and stabilizing the flow of free movie sites with everyone.First, the predatory way to get traff

Underlying system architecture of high-traffic and high-concurrency websites

Dynamic applications refer to dynamic applications based on C/C ++, PHP, Java, Perl, and ,. net and other network application software developed in server languages, such as forums, online albums, dating, and blogs. Dynamic application systems are often inseparable from database systems, cache systems, and distributed storage systems. The large-scale dynamic application system platform is mainly designed for the underlying system architecture of Large-stream and high-concurrency

Several effective methods for personal websites to obtain traffic

1. Blog comment promotionThis method is the favorite and most commonly used promotion method by bloggers. It is also one of the ways to actively attract traffic, the main reason is that this method has been carried forward by the well-known blogger Lu Songsong, so this method has been widely used by everyone, in fact, everyone wants their blogs to be accessed and commented on by others. This is also the element of blog interaction. However, when you a

Analysis on the concept of website traffic statistics and website visit

some product not to be concerned about the possible reason; through to the homepage user source analysis, may speculate some website promotion strategy did not play its due role, therefore may further analyze its probable reason, and make the corresponding improvement measures. This means that Web site traffic statistics and web site access analysis in the general guiding ideology is different. "

Basic traffic should not be ignored if you want to rank websites well

In fact, ranking websites with the highest traffic is my basic idea when I first started this line. However, there are too many SEO keywords that are too superstitious and web page optimization, however, this always makes them unable to fully rank the website quickly, but they are constantly experimenting. If they treat customers as test products all day long, it

Tips for adding traffic to personal websites

Believe that a lot of online became "home" webmaster and Tiger encountered the same problem, their hard fruit, the most hope is to get other people's approval, and the network on the other people agree with you the most important indicator is the flow. If you're going to advertise on your site to make up for the cost of building your site, then traffic becomes an important standard for advertisers to measure your site and whether it is suitable for pl

New traffic description: Relationship between website traffic and money

. from the 8000IP address, the website can be a beginner, and the money is greatly upgraded. the TAOBAO network costs 1500 yuan a month. The TOM alliance can remove it or put it in inconspicuous places. More than 3721 other public welfare alliances can reach 2200, receiving a small amount of advertising space, RMB 2500 per month is stable .)Starting from 10 thousand IP addresses, the website level can be in

Analysis of CNZZ website traffic statistics principles and cnzz traffic statistics

"]) The returned m = "1" means that the request is not executed. ------------------------------------------------------------------ // Note: Click webmaster statistics to view the statistics, but the result is basically 0. What are the statistical principles of CNZZ51la and other statistical websites after adding a piece of JS? JS on the page can collect a lot of information.The address of the current page, the address of the previous page, the bro

High-traffic website to solve traffic problems

High-traffic website to solve traffic problems1. Verify that the server hardware supports current traffic and does not support dedicated servers for better performance2, optimize database access, such as page static, Memcache,mysql optimization3, prohibit external hotlinking ( Small Site through steal the address of so

Website operation: how to improve the website traffic conversion rate!

Is it a traffic guardian or a conversion rate innovator? Traffic is one of the criteria for measuring websites and can fully reflect the current situation of websites. However, if you want to increase the website traffic, you can

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