how to comment on language

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Comment on your code

This is a creation in Article, where the information may have evolved or changed. Every once in a while, there's always a nasty post on the web, the idea is that you shouldn't write a comment for the code, the only reason it exists is because the

NET specification Note (i)--XML comment tag explanation

I. Summary. NET allows developers to insert XML annotations into their source code, which is especially useful when collaborating with multiple developers. The C # parser can extract these XML tags from the code file and make further processing as

Keyword Identifier comment

Keywords 1. What is a keywordKeyword is the C language provides a special meaning of the symbol, and some places are also called "Reserved words."2. What are the key wordsThe C language provides a total of 32 keywords, all of which are given special

JavaScript-Should a single-line comment be placed at the end or above the code?

If it is necessary to add single-line comment, we develop the general single-line commentPut it at the end of the line of code, or the exclusive line above the code? Or the specific situation, the specific analysis? is a personal habit, or have your

PHP Development Article Comment system

Recently work needs to complete a comment on the function of the Internet to find a few comment system display style. Finally, referring to the comment system such as "multi-Talk" and "Chang-yan", I realized a simple comment system using PHP

Comment: 18 Classic questions in C language

C Language 18 Classic Questions answer this everybody has seen, oneself also looked carefully again, in addition, will a little sentiment raises a bit.1. What is the problem with this initialization? Char *p = malloc (10); The compiler prompts for

Asp+ajax to create a no-refresh news Comment System

ajax|asp+| Refresh | no refresh I do not know on the Chinaren alumni friends have not noticed, chinaren in many aspects after the revision of a large number of changes. For example, the message and reply is no longer like before, after each

Huawei software programming specification Learning (2)-Comment

Huawei software programming specification Learning (2) -- Comment 2-1: Generally, the valid comments of the source program must be20%Above Note:The principle is to help read and understand the program, Added to the place where the comment is added.

Comment on the most complete list of C language links and additions and changes

1 //This is the C language, but will error, because Len (the current node length)2 //cannot change after insert (insert) and deleted (delete)3 //You cannot use delete because delete is an operator in C + +4 //finally I wrote the change program in C +

# Pragma comment

Pragma preprocessing instructions Pragma instructions CompileProgramWe often use the # pragma command to set the compiler status or instruct the compiler to complete some specific actions. The following describes some common parameters of

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