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Using the right comment in Java

Java provides three types of comments: Single-line (c ++-style) CommentsThe simplest comment in Java is the single line comment. It starts with two forward slashes and continues to the end of the line. For example:Figure 1: single-line

Public comment The most 8 HTML 5 cases selected

This review was completed in early July, when on the one hand, my "ads also love to see!" small number of Tencent produced 10 of the best HTML 5 ads unexpectedly in the industry hot, on the one hand, the industry rumors that the general public

PHP Unlimited Classification Combat--Comment and reply function

Often in the major forums or the news section of the details page to see the comment function, of course, not only directly post comments so simple, you can reply to other people's comments, others can comment on your reply again or reply, so

HTML Conditional Comment

The common form of HTML annotations is -and IE5~IE9 these 5 versions of IE browser also support a special if condition comment (feel a bit like the syntax structure when template rendering) [if ie]> HTML statement -This way, when dealing with IE

Page 1/2 of a JSP + Ajax comment System

This is a simple comment system, using the JDOM (here using Jdom-b9), the instance uses JSP as the view, combined with Ajax (using prototype-1.4), Servlet and JavaBean as the background processing, use an XML file to store data. 1. The application

NET specification Note (i)--XML comment tag explanation

I. Summary. NET allows developers to insert XML annotations into their source code, which is especially useful when collaborating with multiple developers. The C # parser can extract these XML tags from the code file and make further processing as

Implementation of Ajax comment paging in WordPress

I. PreparationsLoad the jQuery library. This is not explained.2. Enable the WordPress comment pageOpen the WordPress background-settings-discussion, select "Display Comments by page" in "other comments settings", and set the number of comments. The

How to comment out large pieces of code in latex

In Latex, because only the line annotator "%" is availableCodeAnnotations are troublesome. You can use the following method: \ Iffalse % start of Annotation% Content to be commented out........\ Fi % comment ended In fact, it is a condition

Use conditional comments to determine the browser version, solve compatibility issues, and comment out the browser version

Use conditional comments to determine the browser version, solve compatibility issues, and comment out the browser version We should have encountered many browser compatibility problems. When writing some pages, it may be good on IE8 and IE9, when

Crazy Java handout (version 3rd). (Li Gang) -- Comment

Crazy Java handout (version 3rd). (Li Gang) -- Comment 1. Necessity of annotation:1) You or others can easily understand the process and ideas of this code when restructuring the system.2) increase the readability of your code.3) When an error

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