how to completely delete bumble

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Completely Delete kde and completely delete gnome

Delete kde completely and delete gnome completely-Linux Release Technology-Debian information. The following is a detailed description. 1. to completely delete kde, you can completely u

How does Win10 completely delete the thunder audio and video library ?, Win10 Delete thunder audio and video

How does Win10 completely delete the thunder audio and video library ?, Win10 Delete thunder audio and video After installing thunder audio and video, a thunder audio and video library folder will appear in the computer folder, which is created to update the audio and video library list. We recommend that you keep the folder so that you can quickly load the libr

How to completely delete Jinshan poison PA

  Jinshan Poison PA How to completely delete? now, in addition to 360 and Tencent Computer Butler, there are many people in the use of Jinshan poison pa This software. And the use of the process, many people found that Jinshan poison after unloading difficult to clean, then, Jinshan poison pa How to completely delete?

Diskgenius How to delete files completely

There are some methods on the Internet: The first: 360 security guards → function Daquan → file crusher → Add the file or directory name you want to delete completely. The second: new and to delete the folder name consistent, the disk important things moved to another letter, and then fill the disk with the replacement file,

Remove files under Linux under Delete file completely

Delete files and folders in Linux we can use RM directly to delete, delete files or folders completely we can use the Shred command to complete, below I give you introduction. Linux Delete Folder command Linux Delete directory i

Step by step: How to completely delete an Oracle database

Step by step: How to completely delete an Oracle database Many of my friends only use Oracle to delete the system. However, in many cases, he may find that the next installation page disappears when the system is re-installed, and he may have to reinstall the system, in fact, this is not the case if your database is not deleted. Implementation Method: 1. Choose "

How to completely delete the SQL Server Registry: sqlserver

How to completely delete the SQL Server Registry: sqlserver Generally, when you uninstall the database, you want to completely delete the registry information. The following describes how to completely delete the SQL Server regist

Completely delete thinkphp3.1 Case Blog Tag Method _php instance

This article describes the method of completely deleting the thinkphp3.1 case blog tag. Share to everyone for your reference. Here's how: thinkphp3.1 in the framework of the case blog, add a journal can also add tags tag tag, but that's all. When the journal is deleted, the tags are not deleted, resulting in think_tagged tables and think_tag accumulating junk data. In order to delete the diary and also cle

How to completely delete system service items

How to completely delete system service items Start -- run -- msconfig press ENTERYou can find To delete a service item, open the Registry ("START" -- "run" -- "Regedit") and enable HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SYSTEM \ controlset001 \ Services in sequence, delete the service items you want to

In NT, how does one completely delete oracle?

completely delete the Oracle directory. 12. Delete Oracle-related files, and select the default Oracle directory c: \ oracle. And delete the following files from the Windows 2000 directory (generally c: \ WINNT ). Oracle. ini, oradim73.ini, oradim80.ini, oraodbc. ini, and so on. 13. If the [Oracle] Tag segment exist

Python implementation to completely delete files under Folders and folders

Python has a lot of built-in libraries can help to delete folders and files, when faced with the need to delete multiple non-empty folders, and the directory hierarchy is more than 3 layers above, only one built-in method is not able to completely delete the folder and the effect of the file, compared to the low way is

Completely uninstall MySQL stop service, uninstall related programs, delete registry

This section focuses on the steps to completely uninstall MySQL, including stopping services, uninstalling related programs, deleting the registry, and more1. Stop service MySQL2. Uninstall MySQL-related programs3. Delete the registry (run->regedit),machine->system->controlset001/controlset002/currentcontrolset->services-> Eventlog->applications->mysql related files4. D

How to completely delete user accounts under Linux

How to completely delete user accounts under LinuxExperimental background:(1) Virtual machine software: VMware Workstation 12;(2) Operating system: Centos6.7 32-bitExperimental steps:(1) After entering the system, we first create a user account.[[email protected] ~]# useradd www #创建用户, name is www[Email protected] ~]# Ls/home #查看刚创建的用户账户[Email protected] ~]# cat/etc/passwd |grep wwwWww:x:501:501::/home/www:

How to completely delete MySQL database

residual "remnants");3. Delete the registry information related to MySQL;(1) Start-->> input regedit (register edit), open the registry;(2) Hkey_local_machine/system/controlset001/services/eventlog/application/mysql;(3) Hkey_local_machine/system/controlset002/services/eventlog/application/mysql (may not find, don't be discouraged, cut down OH);(4) Hkey_local_machine/system/currentcontrolset/services/eventlog/application/mysql;(5) So, after removing t

How to completely delete the 2345 Input Method in win7

How to completely delete the 2345 Input Method in win7 2345 the input method is automatically installed when the system is installed or a software is installed. For users in Windows 7, uninstall the software assistant. During typing, we may find the residual 2345 input method. In this case, how should we completely delete

Ubuntu16.04 completely delete nginx + php and ubuntu16.04nginx

Ubuntu16.04 completely delete nginx + php and ubuntu16.04nginx1.1 Delete nginx,-purge includes configuration files Sudo apt-get -- purge remove nginx1.2 automatically remove all unused software packages Sudo apt-get autoremove1.3 list nginx-related software dpkg --get-selections|grep nginx Execute the result of 1.3: stephen @ stephen-OptiPlex-390 :~ $ Dpkg -- get

oracle10g Recycle Bin and completely delete table:drop table xx purge

The drop table is placed in the Recycle Bin (user_recyclebin) instead of being deleted directly. In this way, the table information in the Recycle Bin can be restored or completely erased. 1. Retrieve the deleted table information by querying the Recycle Bin User_recyclebin, and then use the statementFlashback table Restore the table in the Recycle Bin to the original name or specify a new name, and the data in the table is not lost.To

How to completely delete files and folders in SVN (with recovery method) _java

This assumes that the SVN project directory is/data/svn/project, we want to exclude Trunk/test.exe files and trunk/notallowed/directories, the following steps and the SVN command executed (under the bin directory of the SVN installation directory) are as follows: # First, the entire SVN library is exportedSvnadmin dump/data/svn/project > Project_original.dump# then remove the unwanted files from the Project_original.dump file and generate a new dump fileType Project_original.dump | Svndumpfilte

USB flash drive Use record completely Delete method

record 1, press Start--〉 Run, enter the command in the input box: regedit 2. Delete the Usbstor subkey for the following directory in the registry. (1) Hkey_local_machinesystemcontrolset001enumusbstor (2) Hkey_local_machinesystemcontrolset002enumusbstor (3) Hkey_local_machinesystemcontrolset003enumusbstor (4) Hkey_local_machinesystemcurrentcontrolsetenumusbstor After deleting the above Usbstor subkey, the general security check software cannot

Jinshan Poison PA How to completely delete files

Open Jinshan Poison Overlord interface, first click on the left side of the "Safe visionary" tab, and then click on the right "file Smash" function button. The "File Shredder" dialog box will be ejected to start the file smashing function of Jinshan poison PA 2011. Here you can click the "Add File" or "Add Folder" button, import the file or folder you want to delete from the system, after the import and confirm that you want to crush the file,

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