how to configure cisco router using putty

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How to configure a Cisco router using a script

ExploitationScriptConfigureCisco router configurationBefore that, you must specify the operations you want to perform, execute those commands, and then write scripts. I want to back up the running-configure configuration. Of course, the device has been configured and the tftp server is ready. The Cisco router configura

How to configure a backup for a Cisco Router

main line, and restore the backup line to the backup state.  You can configure a route for a backup line in any way, but the bandwidth of the backup line is generally lower than that of the primary route, and there will be additional costs for dynamic routing. Therefore, Static Routing is generally used on the backup line. In Global Setting ModeIp route subnet address subnet mask adjacent router port addre

Configure the Cisco IOS Firewall on a Cisco Router

This article describes how to configure the IOS Firewall on a Cisco router. What should we pay attention to when configuring the firewall? The following article provides detailed answers. Pre-configuration on R1, R2, and R3 R1 (config) # int e0/0R1 (config-if) # ip add (config-if) # no shR1 (config) # ip route 172.16

Application point of view: quickly learn to configure a CISCO Router password

At present, there are many users using CISCO routers, so today we will introduce in detail the main steps for configuring the CISCO Router password and what we need to pay special attention to. I hope this will help you, I hope you will learn more after reading the article. In CISC

Configure a Cisco router to implement VoIP

A router is a commonly used network device. How should we configure VOIP implementation? What are the specific operation steps? The following article will give you a detailed introduction. Using the Cisco router configuration can easily implement VoIP, So I studied the state

How to configure a Cisco router as a Frame relay switch

) #frame-relay lmi-type Cisco Router (config-if) #frame-relay intf-type DCE Configure the PVC between two interfaces of the router Router (config) #inter S1/1 Router (config-if) #frame-relay Route Inter s1/2 301

Step by step teach you how to configure a Cisco Router

router. In addition, when there is no need, why do you restart a vro and sit down and wait? You can also use the copy startup-config running-config command. However, what this command does may not be as you think. It only combines the commands in startup-config with those in running-config. If there is a conflict, it will leave the command in running-config. As a result, what you get is a mixture of Cisco

Step by step teach you how to configure a cisco Router

After decades of development, from the first four-node ARPANET to the ubiquitous Internet, computer networks have penetrated into our lives. With the explosive growth of the computer network scale, as a router to connect devices also become more important. When a company builds a network, how to reasonably configure and manage the router becomes one of the import

Correctly configure the Cisco Router password to ensure Network Security

Network security management involves many aspects. However, looking at many security events, we can draw a basic conclusion that the harm is caused by ignoring basic security measures. This article will discuss the importance of maintaining Cisco Router password security, explain the three modes of Cisco router IOS, an

Packet Tracer 5.0 How to configure the Cisco router

It took a few days to write this blog, and the commands for configuring Cisco routers are more clearly written in the tutorials, but many commands remember that they may not be able to be used in the actual network of the enterprise, and I am here to introduce how to log in to the Cisco router using terminal equipment,

Configure access control for the MAC address of a vswitch on a Cisco 3550 Router

This article describes how to configure a vswitch for a CISCO 3550 router and how to configure access control for a MAC address. In network management, users often encounter this situation: some users violate management regulations and modify their own IP addresses without permission to access restricted resources. Suc

Configure a cisco router for ADSL Access

This article uses a specific example to illustrate how to configure the access to ADSL through the vro. What problems should we pay attention to during access? The following articles will benefit you a lot. Note: In this case, a common adsl modem and a cisco 25001841) router (dual Ethernet port) and IOS 12.2 (15) T need to be used to connect to the China Telecom

How to configure static NAT for a Cisco Router

Recently, a friend asked me how to configure static NAT for a Cisco router to allow Internet users to access the Intranet Web and email servers through a Cisco router. Obviously, this function requires NAT between the public IP address and the Intranet IP address. The follow

How to configure and install a Cisco Router

Here we will mainly introduce the configuration and initial installation of Cisco routers. Describes how to configure Cisco router settings and remote access, this article discusses how to use the DHCP service function of the internal network to allocate address information for users who remotely dial in and how to tro

Configure a Cisco router in one minute

The importance of vro configuration is self-evident. Here we mainly analyze the Cisco router configuration statements in detail, and share them with you here, hoping to help you. Introduction to Cisco router configuration Cisco ios operating environment. ROM monitor>

Configure instance for TELNET and SSH remote logon on a CISCO Router

1. TELNET Remote logon Configuration 1. Configure the Logon account, password, and account level on the CISCO router, as shown below. The account name is abc, the password is abc123, And the account level is 15 to the highest level) R1 # configure terminal R1 (config) # username abc privilege 15 secret abc123 R1 (conf

How to configure the serial interface of a cisco Router

You can configure a serial interface through a virtual terminal. to configure a serial interface, follow these steps: 1. In Global mode, enter the command "interface serial 0" to enter the serial interface configuration mode. 2. Each connected serial interface must have an IP address and subnet mask to forward IP packets, in interface configuration mode, enter the "ip address 3. If the serial interface is

How to configure IS-IS for a Cisco Router

IS-IS known by many friends who are familiar with Cisco routers, but for new users, they do not know how to set IS-IS for Cisco routers, this document describes how to set IS-IS for a Cisco router from an experimental perspective. The following are the basic settings for a Cisco

To configure the NAT feature on the Cisco router

: An enterprise requests a small number of legitimate Internet IP addresses, and many internal network users. The NAT feature enables multiple users to communicate with the external Internet at the same time by using a legitimate IP. third, the hardware configuration and software configuration of the router required for NAT are set: the router that sets the N

Use the tftp function of Linux to configure a cisco Router

Use the tftp function of Linux to configure information about cisco router-Linux Enterprise Application-Linux server application. The following is a detailed description. In a LAN environment, if there are Cisco routers and Linux servers. Maybe you need to use Linux The TFTP service downloads the

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