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Packet Tracer 5.0 How to configure the Cisco router

. Cisco router in the configuration of ports, or to understand the next few port names and purposes more meaningful, s port is the meaning of serial interface, also known as high-speed asynchronous serial port, is mainly connected to the WAN v.35 cable, commonly said routers and routers when used in connection. F port is a fastethernet interface, called Fast Ethernet port, mainly connected to Ethernet (LAN

5.Cisco Packet Tracer about switch or router configuration files and system image backup and recovery

successfully and you can view your saved files on the TFTP server.4. Restore your configuration file, ping the TFTP server, keep the connection, download from TFTP to the routerCopy tftp running-config Download the previously configured backup from TFTP and restore the router's configuration fileIP address of the TFTP serverRUNNING-CONFIG-BK you want to restore the backed up files in TFTPRunning-config a name for your recovered files.Final reload, successful restart, successful reco

Learn network 11--extended access control list via Cisco emulator Cisco PACKET Tracer

policy in Router 2, specifying host and port7 The ACL takes effect under the port of the Router 2 Xia Lian serverNetwork topology1 Configuring Router 1 single-arm routing, establishing sub-interfaces and configuring IP addresses, etc.2 Configuring the Switch's VLAN and port type3 Configuring the IP address of the PC4 Configuring the interface address for

Learning Network 10--standard Access control protocol via Cisco emulator Cisco PACKET Tracer

port to enable ACL policyNetwork topology1, configure Router 1, turn on the single-arm routing configuration subinterface address and connect the physical interface address of another route and open the port2 Configuring the VLAN of the switch, configuring the port type3 Configuring the IP address of the PC, specifying the gateway4 Configuring router static rout

Learning Network 8--rip routing via Cisco emulator Cisco PACKET Tracer

Tags: process proc ima RAC Technology share static term ADOBy configuring static routes, you can achieve an increase in routing entries for routers in a relatively simple network.However, if there are more than 20 routers in a network, it is difficult to configure static routes to accommodate the complexity of routing entries and changes in the network. At this point we can use the RIP protocol to configure

Learning Network 7--static routes via Cisco emulator Cisco PACKET Tracer

Tags: size src zone sha port text topology Cisc-oTwo networks in different regions if you want to communicate, you need to configure routing on the router to implement the packets across the networkRouters can connect to multiple networks, but the router itself does not know about other networks, and we need to manually confi

Learning Network 12--static NAT via Cisco emulator Cisco PACKET Tracer

Nat[network address translation] In the absence of IP address in the case of a great use, it can not be normal Sisu network of the intranet address into a legitimate external network address on the public network to send and receive data. At the same time address translation function can also be very good to hide and protect the host network.Nat has static NAT (internal address and external address one-to-one) and dynamic NAT (internal address pool and external address Pool A-do)This time we'll

Learning Network 13--Port-based NAPT via Cisco emulator Cisco PACKET Tracer

Network address port Conversion NAPT is a very familiar way of transformation. NAPT is commonly used in access devices, which can hide small and medium-sized networks behind a legitimate IP address.Unlike dynamic address NAT, NAPT maps An internal connection to a separate IP address in the external network, adding a TCP port number selected by the NAT device to the address.This time, let's get to know napt.Configuration ideas1 Configure the router's i

Learn network 9--OSPF via Cisco emulator Cisco PACKET Tracer

RIP protocols can be configured in a more convenient way, but the limitations of RIP itself indicate that it is not suitable for medium to large networks. In contrast, OSPF is more complex to configure than RIP, but its functionality and performance are better than RIP.Configuration ideas1 Configure the physical interface address of the router Xia Lian switch and

Learning Network 6--single-arm routing via Cisco emulator Cisco PACKET Tracer

Tags: color-o switch test one-arm routing access via interface implementation representationTo achieve inter-VLAN communication, in addition to configuring the SVI interface on the switch, you can also implement VLAN data forwarding by configuring sub-interfaces under the physical interface of the router.Configuration ideas:1 The access switch configures the corresponding VLAN and sets the access PC port to access mode2 Setting the physical interface of the

Cisco Packet Tracer installed in Linux

What is Cisco Packet tracer?The Cisco Packet Tracer is a powerful network simulation tool for training in Cisco certifications. It gives us a good view of the interfaces of each

Install Cisco Packet Tracer in Linux

Install Cisco Packet Tracer in Linux What is Cisco Packet tracer? Cisco Packet Tracer is a pow

PACKET Tracer Learning Network through Cisco simulator Cisco 3--Initial understanding of VLANs

Tags: cal enhancement packet share image share access Cisco virtual SRCVLAN, the virtual LAN (Virtul local area network), the VLAN divides the physical connected LAN logic into different virtual networks, its existence can reduce the broadcast domain, enhance the network security and convenient and flexible networking, adding PCs and switchesBy configuring VLANs, you can implement PC1 and PC2 that are conne

Basic configuration and Telnet login via Cisco emulator Cisco PACKET Tracer Learning Network 2--switch

, adding switches and end devices1, double-click switch into switch command line (CLI) mode, switch configuration mode by command2 in most cases for security reasons, you need to configure the switch privileged mode passwordValidation test3 Configuring the telnet login switchTo achieve remote login, first need to configure the login user and device management addressVerify the configuration by matching the

Learning Network 4--vlan routing via Cisco emulator Cisco PACKET Tracer

Through the previous experiment we learned that by configuring VLANs, the terminals under different VLANs could not communicate with each other, but if you wanted to communicate between different VLANs, you would need to configure inter-VLAN routingLayer three switches have the capability of the network layer and can be forwarded via the routing functionNetwork environment1 set the IP address and gateway of the terminal ( and, r

Learning Network by using the Cisco simulator Cisco PACKET Tracer to get started simulator

ObjectiveLearning Network knowledge of the students have heard or used the network device Simulator, network equipment simulator known to have Huawei's ENSP, Third HCl and Cisco PACKET TRACER, Cisco's simulator with a simple operation interface, Easy to install and use and a variety of easy to work can win a lot of network engineers and students praise. Because I

Cisco Packet Tracer EtherChannel increases link bandwidth and redundancy

Lab Environment:650) this.width=650; Tracer of "alt=" Cisco Packet EtherChannel increases link bandwidth and redundancy-Ibm.chick-mingkang.zhou "src=" "style=" border:0px;height:auto;margin:0px 10px 0px 0px; "/ >Experimental Purpose:1. Observe the STP status of the two switches.2.

Cisco Packet Tracer Three-tier switch interrupts DHCP

Lab Environment:650) this.width=650; "alt=" Cisco Packet Tracer three-layer switch interrupt Dhcp-ibm.chick-mingkang.zhou "src=" 93s0ahtpaead19pxmyg==/6619563575538146055.jpg "style=" border:0px;height:auto;margin:0px 10px 0px 0px; "/>Experimental Purpose:1, the VLAN is divided on the three layer switching: vlan10\vlan100\vlan200, and t

Cisco Packet Tracer How to use

1 Cisco Packet Tracer How to use I. Introduction to the use of Packet Tracer The Cisco Packet Tracer is a simulation software develope

Packet tracer 5.2 Lab (11) Comprehensive router routing configuration

configuration mode: Redistribute Protocol [metric] [metric-type] [Match internal | external type | NSSA-external type] [tag] [route-map route-Map-name] [subnets] Iv. Experiment steps Lab Topology 1. Direct Connection is used between the PC and the vswitch, and cross-line connection is used between the PC and the route, route, and route. 2. divide two VLANs on the layer-3 to run the ripv2 protocol; r2 to run the OSPF protocol; 3. Configure the r12002

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