how to configure wan on cisco router

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CISCO router WAN configuration instance

This article introduces the whole WAN configuration process with specific operation examples, and introduces the configuration principles and implementation steps. We also introduced POF and FR technologies. Synchronous Serial Interface 1. This section describes the similarities between E1, T1, and T3. Router # config t Router (config) # controller e1 1

In-depth analysis of Cisco router configurations

complete the online help and training process. Using the Cisco SDM smart wizard, you can systematically configure a LAN, wireless LAN and WAN interface, firewall, Intrusion Prevention System IPS, and IP SecurtiyIPSec) VPN to gradually complete the Cisco router configuration. The C

Comprehensive Understanding of Cisco Series Router Security Configuration

router security management, and provide users with comprehensive online help and guidance. The Cisco SDM smart wizard guides you through systematic configuration of LAN, WLAN and WAN interfaces, firewalls, intrusion prevention systems (IPS), and IP Securtiy (IPSec) VPN to gradually complete the router and

Inevitable Cisco wireless router configuration problems

. Currently, most wireless routers only support Web page configuration, rather than Telnet and other configuration modes. Enter the management IP address of the wireless router in the browser, and a login interface will pop up on the desktop. after entering the user name and password, we will enter the configuration interface of the wireless router. After entering the wireless

Cisco router configuration Basics

Subnet Mask hardware basic Ethernet protocol Network Management A router is a bridge of a computer network and a core device connecting to an IP network. It can connect different networks, select data transmission routes, and block unauthorized access. Router configuration is not easy for beginners. Take the Cisco ro

How to configure a backup for a Cisco Router

There are multiple backup technologies for Cisco routers. Here we will introduce the router's own backup technology and line backup technology. Generally, a router is a bridge between a LAN and a wan. The so-called router's own backup technology is designed to solve a router's own hardware (such as memory, CPU) or software IOS fault or local port fault, network

Cisco Router basic Configuration

Configuration mode for Cisco routers Configuration mode Prompt Enter command Description User mode Route> User mode is the default mode when the router starts, provides limited access to the router, allows for non-destructive operations such as viewing the configuration parameters of the

Packet Tracer 5.0 How to configure the Cisco router

It took a few days to write this blog, and the commands for configuring Cisco routers are more clearly written in the tutorials, but many commands remember that they may not be able to be used in the actual network of the enterprise, and I am here to introduce how to log in to the Cisco router using terminal equipment, How to access the configuration network, how

Explanation of Cisco Access Router's media verification and encryption features

Currently, Cisco access routers are widely used, and the features of media verification and encryption are one of the features of Cisco access routers. So I studied how to use the secure RTP media verification and encryption features, I would like to share it with you here and hope it will be useful to you. The media authentication and encryption features provided by the

How to use a password to protect a Cisco Router

(config) # line console 0Router (config-line) # password SecR3t! PassRouter (config-line) # login Auxiliary Port The secondary port is a physical access port of the router. Not all Cisco routers have this port. The Auxiliary port can be used to enter the backup configuration port on the console. Therefore, it is also very important to set a password. The following is how to set the command:

General method for comprehensive analysis of Cisco router configuration

The Cisco Router performs very well in the market. Here we will mainly focus on Cisco routers and explain in detail the detailed steps of Cisco router configuration. Cisco routers are the core devices for network communication, cu

Basic configuration of the Cisco PT Simulation Experiment (10) router

Basic configuration of the Cisco PT Simulation Experiment (10) routerExperimental Purpose :Mastering several common configuration methods of routersFamiliar with different command line operation modes of routersBasic configuration commands for the Palm-lift routerExperimental Background : as a network administrator, you first in the equipment room to the router after the first configuration, I hope in the f

Exquisite Cisco Wireless Router WRT54G2

With the development of China's routing industry, Cisco Wireless routers are also widely used. Here we mainly introduce a beautiful Cisco Wireless Router WRT54G2, last year, Cisco Consumer Division launched a newly designed 54M wireless route Linksys by Cisco WRT54G2. The el

Learn to check hardware faults in the Cisco router Module

capable of adapting to the evolving network application needs of small and medium-sized enterprises, although it is defined by Cisco as "used in the branches of small and medium-sized enterprises", users who do not have very high requirements often use it at the core of the network. Cisco's Cisco2600 series include: 2610, 2611, 2613, 2620, 2621, 2650, and more Cisco has stopped selling globally) and 2610XM

Example: solve the serious packet loss problem of the Cisco Router

occur. Check the port configuration and route configuration of Cisco 3640, and find that the port IP address is configured normally, but there are two routes in the route list: Ip route Ip route Because the Department's network is the lowest subnet in the Unit's Wan, the whole unit's Wan is accessed acco

Cisco Network Tutorial: detailed analysis of router configuration

As a port device connecting WAN, vrouters have been widely used. Their main function is to connect multiple independent networks or subnets to achieve optimal routing and datagram transmission between the Internet. This article takes the Cisco 2511 vro as an example to introduce four router configuration methods. 1. Use the C

Correctly configure the Cisco Router password to ensure Network Security

Network security management involves many aspects. However, looking at many security events, we can draw a basic conclusion that the harm is caused by ignoring basic security measures. This article will discuss the importance of maintaining Cisco Router password security, explain the three modes of Cisco router IOS, an

Cisco router NAT configuration overview

used by other local hosts. The following uses the network environment of our Organization as an example to list the NAT configuration methods and processes of Cisco routers for your reference.Our company uses China Unicom Optical Cable V.35) to access the INTERNET. The router is CISCO2610 and the LAN uses the INTEL550 M switch. China Unicom provides us with the following four IP addresses:

Recommended Cisco Gigabit wireless router WRT320N

are clearly printed on the surface of the WRT320N wireless router. The leading Signal Indicator enables consumers to intuitively understand the working status of the device, when WRT320N is working, the indicator will flash accordingly. The WPS button in the middle allows you to set up an encrypted wireless network with one click to protect your wireless network. Cisco WRT320N provides a

General method for installing and maintaining a Cisco Router

As the core device of network communication, Cisco routers are widely used. The following is my experience in practice: Control port interface practices and connections Connect one end of the control cable RJ45 in the Cisco2500/1000 series router accessories to the Cisco CONSOLE port, and the Cisco7000/4000 series router

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