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Oracle 11G R2 replicuard construction in CentOS 5.11

Oracle 11G R2 replicuard construction in CentOS 5.11 Datagard is a disaster tolerance solution for Oracle Enterprise Edition. It is widely used in enterprises and I will record the setup process for backup.Host Name database version Instance name

HOWTO install Oracle 11g on Ubuntu Linux 12.04 (precise pangolin) 64bits

Installed Ubuntu 12.04 64bit, want to install Oracle 11GR2 on the above, find a lot of documents on the Internet did not succeed, and finally fully reference the Mordicusetcubitus article.Key points for a successful installation: Install additional

"Oracle Cluster" Oracle DATABASE 11G RAC detailed tutorial how RAC works and related components (iii)

How RAC Works and related components (iii) Overview: write down the original intent and motivation of this document, derived from the Oracle Basic operating Manual of the previous article. The Oracle Basic Operations Manual is a summary of

How to build an Oracle 11g license uard

How to build an Oracle 11g license uard   I. PreparationsI have read many tutorials when preparing to build a tracing uard. I followed the tutorials and encountered problems. Then I don't know how to proceed to the next step.Later, I went to the

CentOS installation Oracle 11g full diagram

Summary : Description: Linux server operating system: CentOS 5.8 32-bit (note: Please separate partition/data for installation of Oracle database) Linux Server IP address: Oracle database version: Linux_11gr2_database wind

Oracle EM 11g/12c database migration

1. OverviewThe Oracle EM11g database needs to be migrated. The main steps are as follows: 1. Disable OMS 2. Back up the current database and restore it to the new server. 3. Update OracleEM OMS database connection Configuration 4. Start OMS This

Oracle 11g Database Detailed

Common exceptions:ORA-14025: Cannot specify partition for a solid view or a solid view logOra-14026:partition and cluster clauses repel each otherORA-14027: Only one partition clause can be specifiedORA-14028: Missing at or values

Oracle 10g/11g password policy user password case sensitive description

 1. Oracle 10g1. 1 Description In Oracle 10 Gb, passwords are case-insensitive by default. This is due to the default parameters of the password file.   C: \ Users \ administrator. David Dai> orapwd Usage: orapwd file = entries = force =

PL/SQL Developer connect Local Oracle 11g 64-bit database

The source of this article, in order to facilitate direct copy over. If there is infringement, please inform, thank you Oracle 11g 64-bit version was installed in the virtual machine today, and

Summary of Oracle 11g Database startup errors

The ORA-00845 is prompted when the database is started: MEMORY_TARGETnotsupportedonthissystem (the parameter MEMORY_TARGE for Automatic Memory Management added in oracle11g The ORA-00845 is prompted when you start the database: MEMORY_TARGET not

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