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Steps for Mac to set up VPN to log on to a foreign website such as YouTube

Some users find that their Macs are not on foreign websites, such as Youtube,twitter. How can this problem be solved? Now small make up and everyone share under, how to let their Mac log on the foreign site method. To set the method: First, open network in System Preferences New VPN network connection, type Select "PPTP", service name can be customized to fill in Afte

How to set up a VPN on your Mac

The Apple system must use the L2TP connection mode The key is MONSS by default and is subject to the account information received after purchase. First, change the DNS of the local or wireless connection properties to and, which network connection you use to access the Internet, modify the DNS of that network connection. Here is an example of a local connection. Start configuring the VPN connection below. Click Network. Click the A

Vpn Analysis in Mac OS

Vpn is a vpn Client running on Windows.Due to work requirements, I would like to share with you today how to use vpn in Mac OS.Operating System: Mac OS X LionSoftware used:Openvpn has not officially developed a client for mac OS,

Mac OSX connects to an L2TP-based VPN without a shared key

When Mac OSX has no shared key, it takes some time to connect to a VPN based on L2TP to replace Mac Pro. Today, you need to configure the VPN (based on the IPSec protocol of L2TP ), an error occurred while clicking "IPSec shared key" after the previous windows configuration was installed based on the Huludao image wate

Wireless Security: SSID, MAC, WEP, and VPN ensure WLAN Security

Wireless Network security issues are becoming increasingly prominent. How can we deal with them? Here we introduce several basic network security technologies, including SSID, MAC, WEP, VPN, and WLAN. At present, the wireless LAN products mainly adopt the IEEE802.11b international standard. The 802.11 standard mainly applies three security technologies to ensure the security of data transmission over the w

Using VPN under Mac OS

VPN we all know and believe that many people have used it, but they are all VPN clients running on a Windows system. Because of the needs of the job, today to share with you how to use the VPN under the Mac OS. Operating system: Mac OS X Lion Using software: Since OpenVP

Create a IPSEC/L2TP tunnel (VPN) under Mac

Tags: cat dem protocol PPP span plugin send add IPSec1. Open Network Preferences2. Click +3. Enter the address and account number of the VPN4. Advanced--Tick send all traffic via VPN link5. Add DNS6. Because the corporate VPN is using the L2TP protocol and is not shared, MacOS needs some configuration to support it, otherwise it will prompt for the loss of the IPSEC shared key. Please verify your settings a

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