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Microsoft. Office. Core references and Microsoft. Office. Core. MsoTriState Problems

I wrote an article on csdn for the first time. Because you need to createExtract ppt textProject, first contact with office development. The following is the source code: Using system; The code is quite simple, but adding references wastes my effort for half a day. The first step is to change the installation of office2003. For more information, see msdn Http://

Microsoft. Office. Core. msotristate reference

want to build a project to extract PPT texts. I first came into contact with office development. The following is the source code: View plaincopy to clipboardprint?··· · 50 ······· · 90 ····· · 140 · 150Using system;Using system. Collections. Generic;Using system. LINQ;Using system. text;Using PowerPoint = Microsoft. Office

10 boutique Plug-ins to enhance Microsoft Office functionality

Microsoft Office Office Components play an important role in our daily work life. It can be said that today's life is inseparable from office Office components. This article recommends 10 enhanced application Plug-ins to help expand Offi

10 boutique Plug-ins to enhance Microsoft Office functionality

Microsoft Office Office Components play an important role in our daily work life. It can be said that today's life is inseparable from office Office components. This article recommends 10 enhanced application Plug-ins to help expand Offi

Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 R2 Deployment One hardware and software environment preparation

Microsoft issued the OCS2007R2 in June this year, full name Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 R2 as one of Microsoft's many R2 products, I believe it is not a simple upgrade, R2 add many features Communicator 2007 R2 offers several new features, some of which require the deployment of additional Office Commu

Microsoft's new Office features: highlighting social and cloud services

. Users can register for free and start using the social networking service immediately. Yammer can be integrated with SharePoint and Microsoft Dynamics. --Keep in touch. Users can focus on other users, teams, files, and Web sites on SharePoint, and can view and embed pictures, videos, and office content to keep in touch with colleagues. --people card. Consolidated co

Business Week: Google and Zoho Challenge Microsoft Office in China and India

Beijing Time September 14 News, Business Weekly network version of the article said, Up-and-comer--google and Zoho in India and China to launch Low-cost, Easy-to-use Office software, aimed at challenging Microsoft's dominance. The following is an analytic article: Privis-Mukherjee (Prithwis Mukerjee), a professor of management at the Indian Institute of Technology (Indian Institute of Technology) in eastern India, requires students to use a simple, K

Windows8, Windows8.1, and Microsoft Office 2013 activation

interface of the classmate, re-open Administrator: Command Prompt Input Slui 4 Enter Third, Microsoft (UK) Hotline activation Video Tutorial ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ The following is the focus ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Original address: "Share" Microsoft products without Skype calls can be confirmed via web link id! _windows8 Bar _ Baidu Paste and th

Microsoft Office 365 Trial Request process

ID] page, which is used to create an Office 365 account, so the Office 365 account required to be entered is unique and cannot be created if it already exists. In addition, the account and password need to be properly kept, lost will not be able to log on to Office 365The last step is to enter the verification code, China's area code is +86, you need to choose t

More programming for Microsoft Office command bars (1)

print the activity inspector. For those who are unfamiliar with the Outlook object model, the browser represents the Outlook user interface. Inspector represents a window that contains a specific Outlook item, such as an e-mail message or contact, and any tab pages in an Outlook item, such as the Details tab in a task item. Add a custom image to a command bar button Although you can use the CommandBarButton object's FaceId property to set the image

When Microsoft releases Windows Phone 7: Will Windows Phone 7 be charged?

situation of Microsoft. If the market for mobile phone operating systems is lost, it means that in the future computing field, the operating system will be handed over to others. This is something Microsoft can never ignore. Mr. Ballmer said that 90% of Microsoft's work in the next year is related to cloud computing.Article). If you stick to the license business

Microsoft post Internal recommendation-SR. Se-office Incubation

science/engineering or other technical/engineering disciplines is Preferred.? Strong logic, analyzing capability, creativity? Proven capabilities in software engineering? Understand Chinese user scenarios? Familiar with Office applications, server, services features and technology? Skills in problem solving, strong ownership of customers and quality issues, Skills in Cross-group collaboration? Programming language skills in-level language such as VB,

Where did Microsoft's mobile phone fail?

euros, succeeded in buying Microsoft for $7.2 billion.Then, Elop back to Microsoft as a senior executive, this is the history of the largest commercial espionage is still doing the right, it is inconceivable. In fact, since then, the decline of Microsoft's mobile phone business has been buried in the curse. Although the non-power of WP system is the direct cause

Office 2013 Windows Phone version 8 interface

Office Next is Microsoft's official blog, and the blog theme revolves around the design, improvement, and feedback of Office 2013, somewhat like Windows 8 blogs. In a blog post recently published by Office next, Microsoft described the cloud Services features of Office 2013

New Office for new Windows Phone

As Microsoft releases its new Office 2013, new office days are coming. Integrated office systems for mobile devices such as PCs and tablets and windows Phone phones. Although only a beta release preview is now available, it is believed that it will soon be landing on the Win

Why is an error in the access contact of the Windows Phone 7.1 SDK?

New Microsoft. phone. userdata. contacts reports system when accessing contact data. exception information. In fact, this cause may be because your project is upgraded from a Windows Phone 7 project. You only need to go to properties \ wmappmanifest in the project file. add in XMLCode, Declare the required permissions:

Read the database to get the mobile phone contact

To obtain contacts on mobile phones, Microsoft provides the icontact interface, which can be used to obtain SIM card contacts, which can be achieved through the simreadphonebookentry function. Examples are provided in the SDK. However, you can also read contacts by reading the database. I remember that I have seen on the Internet the efficiency of using the icontact interface to read contacts and reading databases to get contacts. It seems that readin

Microsoft pushes the truth behind $25 mobile phone

650) this.width=650; "class=" AlignCenter size-full wp-image-3760 "alt=" Picture 1 "src=" Uploads/2014/08/%e5%9b%be%e7%89%87117.jpg "width=" 562 "height=" "style=" height:auto;vertical-align:middle; border:0px;margin:0px auto; "/>Both Apple and Samsung are betting on new products to maintain their dominance of the mobile internet in the world of wearable and IoT-high-tide layout wars. Apple is expected to release the iphone 6 in September, and Samsung is rumoured

O2 made the smallest PDA mobile phone-from the Microsoft homepage-another practical partner!

O2 launches the world's smallest PDA-phone Smaller, slimmer and lighter, the O2 xda II mini epitomizes style, substance... and size (Excerpt some text) Singapore, December 2, 2004-O2 today launched the O2 xda II Mini, the latest addition to the company's acclaimed X-range of premium mobile devices. It is Smallest PDA-phone in the market as well as the first PDA-pho

Win8 Microsoft account Binding mobile phone number how to replace

1, first into the account center-security settings address: Https://; 2, delete the phone number you have discarded, and then click the "Add Security information" link to add your new number. As shown in the following illustration: The above is the rapid replacement of the WIN8 system Microsoft account binding mobile p

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