how to create autorun file

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C # create a file in winform, write the value to the file, read the value in the file, modify the file value, create, write, and modify the file

# Region: determines whether a file exists. If the file does not exist, it is created. Otherwise, the read value is displayed in the form. PublicFormmain () { Initializecomponent (); // Readfile (application. startuppath + "// alarmset.txt "); // Determine whether a file exists // System. Io. directoryinfo info = new system. Io. directoryinfo (applica

Oracle Create tablespace error, ORA-01119: Create database file; ORA-27040: File creation error, unable to create file; O/s-error: (OS 3) The system could not find the specified path.

Scenario: Create a table space in Oracle, assuming the space name is tbsp_1, the file location is d:\app\administrator\oradata\orcl/, and the space size is 10M. Steps: To create SQL:CREATE tablespace tbsp_1 datafile ' e:/oracle/product/10.2.0/tablespaces/weblogic.dbf ' SIZE 10M; However, the following error message appears:Error message:ORA-01119: Error creating

How do I create a file with no file name? That is, how to create a. htaccess and server configuration file snooping

Label:(1). Htaccess mainly defines some rules that are used to translate PHP into HTML pseudo-static rules. This file only has a suffix without a filename. The method of creation is:--First create a TXT file and open it.-Save As. Storage format Select all file types, and then enter the. htaccess at the

Enter a filename and path to create the file, save the input from the keyboard to the file, and finally output the path to the file, the file name, and the contents of the file to the screen.

Enter a filename and path to create the file, save the input from the keyboard to the file, and finally output the path to the file, the file name, and the contents of the file to the screen. #include

Class Create, device Create, device create file

be used to create a corresponding property file under/sys/class/, thus implementing specific data operations by reading and writing the file. 1 First, class_create 2 Second, device_create 3 three, Device_create_file 3.1 A. Creating a property file in a dri

Class create, device create, device Create File

When writing a Linux Device Driver, you often use the mknod command to manually create a device node (including many examples in ldd3). In fact, the Linux Kernel provides us with a set of functions, it can be used to automatically create a device node in the/dev directory when the module is loaded, and delete the node when the module is detached. The struct class struct is defined in the kernel. As the name

Use makeself to create the installation file and makeself to create the file

Use makeself to create the installation file and makeself to create the file Makeself.shis a small shellscript used to generate a self-decompressed tar.gz compressed package from a directory. The result file is displayed as a shell script (most with. run as the suffix) and c

Action file problem on SD card in Android Create directory create file to specified directory

Steps1Get the path to the SD cardFile root =environment.getexternalstoragedirectory ();2Determine the path to the file to be writtenString path =root.getabsolutepath () + "/test2" + "/TEST3";3and turn the path into file.File file =new file (path);4 Creating a DirectoryFile.mkdir ();5 write the specified file in the spe

Outlook cannot open attachments (tip: Cannot create file xx, right-click the folder in which you want to create the file ...) )

:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet files\content.outlook\0c83at8o\Of course, you can also randomly designate a location, such as D:\Temp3, the solution (has been tested, can solve the problem):Method 1, open the path with the Explorer, the Content.outlook\ all the files under the empty. Or completely clean up the temporary Internet files folder. (If you just can't open a file, you can just delete the file's cache.

Mac command line terminal How to create a file Mac command line terminal Create a file tutorial

How does a Mac command line terminal Create a file? It's really easy to create a large-capacity blank file in a Mac OS X system. This article small Lego for you to introduce two kinds of file creation tutorial, the first is to use the MAC command line terminal to

Use Dom4j to create an XML file and dom4j to create an xml file

Use Dom4j to create an XML file and dom4j to create an xml file The Code is as follows: 1 package xml; 2 3 import java. io. fileWriter; 4 import java. io. IOException; 5 import java. io. writer; 6 import org. dom4j. document; 7 import org. dom4j. export enthelper; 8 import org. dom4j. element; 9 import org. dom4j. io.

Determine if file exists, does not exist create file && determine if folder exists, does not exist create folder

1, determine whether the file exists, does not exist to create a file[Java]View Plaincopyprint? File file=new file ("c:\\users\\qping\\desktop\\javascript\\2.htm"); if (!file.exists ()) { try { File.createnewfile ();

Idea after you create a MAVEN project, you cannot create a Java file in the file directory

Idea after you create a MAVEN project, you cannot create a Java file in the file directory Today I created a MAVEN project with idea but found that it was not possible to create a. java file in a directory folder, such as figure:

Linux Create a disk partition script file (create two 512M and 2G primary partitions)

#!/bin/bash#author:suxinghe#date:2015.6.9#version:0.0.1#description: createpartionsfordiskread-p "Pleaseinputadiskname:" diskwhile:d oif[[ $disk =~/dev/*]]thenif[-b $disk ]thenread-p "yourchoiceare $disk, areyousure?" (yes/no): "ans1if[ $ans 1==yes]thenwhile:d oread-p" is youcreatepartionsforthisdisk,areyousure? (yes/no): "ans2if[ $ans 2==yes]thenecho" NP1+512MNP2+2GW "| fdisk $disk >/dev/nullecho-e "\ n" fdisk-l $disk |grep "^ $disk [1-9]\{1,\}";echo-e "createpartions\033[32msuccessful\033[0m"

File I/O operations file Open, create, close and locate-based on Linux system file IO

1.Open File#include #include#includeint Open (constchar *pathname,int flag); // Open an existing file int Open (constchar *pathname,int flags,mode_t mode); // If the file does not exist, create it first // Success Returns the file description pair, otherwise returns-1 /

Linux file type: Device file, Mknod create device file

Device files: block Device file B: A device that is randomly accessed by block;character device file C : by character, linear device;Common block device file B: HDDDevice file name for the hard disk device:IDE, ATA:HDSATA, SCSI, USB:SDA,b,c, ... To differentiate different devices under the same typeIde: First IDE port:

Create an XML file and a node in the XML file and update the node values in the XML file

Recently, XML files have been used in the project. You need to save some configuration information to the specified XML file. Therefore, the function of updating node values in XML files is used. First, create an XML file and create several values in the file. Let's take a

PHP loop to create a new file move the file according to the filename to the specified folder to modify the file name

Write a php file in the file directory you want to batch, run the file to complete Note: Verify that your file name is not a timestamp, and the files in the PHP file, to add judgment! Don't delete it by mistake! Set_time_limit (0);//Ignore script run time limit for php.ini

JAVA Create txt file, write the contents of the file, read the contents of the file

1 Package;2 3 import;4 import;5 import;6 import;7 import;8 9 Public classFileOperation {Ten One /** A * Create a file - * @param fileName - * @return the */ - Public Staticboolean createFile (File fileName) throws excep

C # copy all files in one folder to another, and create a txt file in the new folder to record the file overview and file name of copy.

Using System; Using System. Collections. Generic; Using System. Text; Using System. IO; Namespace ConsoleApplication1{Class Program{Static void Main (string [] args){// Instantiate the test class, which is used to call the copy function in the classTest a = new test ();A. copy ("D :\\ create folder (2)", "D :\\ create folder"); // Test}// Write the test classPublic sealed class test{Public test (){}Public

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