how to create comment in html

Want to know how to create comment in html? we have a huge selection of how to create comment in html information on

Using the right comment in Java

Java provides three types of comments: Single-line (c ++-style) CommentsThe simplest comment in Java is the single line comment. It starts with two forward slashes and continues to the end of the line. For example:Figure 1: single-line

Using jquery to implement the @ ID suspension display comment content in WordPress _jquery

For example: A message, B with @ replied to A, so B's reply may be like this: @aHow much did you have? That is, when the mouse hovers over the @a, a comment is displayed in a suspended area. Implementation stepsHere we will take the Inove theme

Php unlimited classification practices-comment and reply functions

Php unlimited classification practices-comment and reply functionsThe comment function is often seen below the details pages of major forums or news sections. Of course, it is not just as simple as directly posting comments, and you can reply to

PHP: Creating an infinite-pole comment module

The comment module for my bi project was originally done with a multi-plug-in, but I now want to be able to manage comments myself, so I started to write a comment module. The specific preparation uses a structure similar to the following comment,

Make use of "more" to create message board, comment system, message board Comment _php Tutorial

Make use of "more" to create a message board, comment system, message board comments Message board and comment system will often be used in the site construction, today for everyone to introduce how to use more to say for their own website to

Asp+ajax to create a no-refresh news Comment System

ajax|asp+| Refresh | no refresh I do not know on the Chinaren alumni friends have not noticed, chinaren in many aspects after the revision of a large number of changes. For example, the message and reply is no longer like before, after each

Personal website Comment Message area production

First, on the personal site of the message page, you can see the effect: Message board There's also an effect chart here. In order to save the front end, use jquery to write, backstage use PHP simple read and write MySQL database. database design

HTML tag Series (i)--comment label <!---->

I. Syntax for HTML annotationsSecond, the use of HTML annotations1, General Comments (enhance the readability of the code)  Convenient for others: easy for other programmers to understand your codeConvenience: Easy to understand and revise your own

10.1.5 Comment Type "JavaScript Advanced Programming Third Edition"

Comments are represented in the DOM by the comment type. The Comment node has the following characteristics: The value of NodeType is 8; The value of the NodeName is "#comment"; The value of the NodeValue is the content of the

NET specification Note (i)--XML comment tag explanation

I. Summary. NET allows developers to insert XML annotations into their source code, which is especially useful when collaborating with multiple developers. The C # parser can extract these XML tags from the code file and make further processing as

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