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Create a custom navigation menu for a Sharepoint website

I believe many people want to replace the top navigation menu built into the SharePoint website with their desired style. Because the website navigation of SharePoint 2007/2010 is basically based on the standard ASP. NET sitemap model, you can

Create a custom Host Header website set

When we create a website set in a Sharepoint web application, although we can specify the path of the website set, but the Host header of the website set, it seems that the Host Header defined by the web application must be used. For example, when

Website backup and restoration (grade)

Document directory Step 1: Create a blank website as the target website Step 2: Restore the backup file to the target website Back up, restore, or move a website   Your workgroup has just published their latest quarterly reports to multiple

Use membership and user login to create a website (Visual Studio)

A website has a common requirement: a specific page allows only some members or other authenticated users to browse. In this case, the application must prompt the user to enter the name and password. The application must also include methods for

Plan the website set named after the host (Windows SharePoint Services)

From msdn:   Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 supports both host-based and Path-based website sets. The website set named after the host provides a scalable HOST solution. Each website set has

Create a custom JQuery mobile theme

Customize the appearance of elements such as pages, toolbars, content, form elements, lists, buttons, and moreThe high adoption rate of smartphones and tablets ultimately leads to increased demand for mobile Web developers and designers. The JQuery

Custom SharePoint new website creation process (1)

Why do we need to customize the creation process of a new SharePoint website? It has many functions. One of them is that we have created a new SharePoint Application Component and want the SharePoint administrator, you can use our new application

How to create, upload, and install "website template" and "website set template" for Sharepoint"

Let me explain: The so-called "website template" is the template that you choose when you create a "subwebsite" on a website, All "website set templates" are the templates available for selection when "website set" is created, "Website template"

Use JSOM to create a SharePoint website counter

A few days ago, weibo was asked how to implement a SharePoint counter conveniently and quickly? Well, in this article, I try to use the simplest method to create a SharePoint website counter. Before starting, let's set the counter function as

PS Webpage Design tutorial IV-how to create a professional blog website layout in Photoshop

Pay tribute to the talk-mania website. A year ago, I saw many good web design tutorials on this website. A year later, I looked back to see if there were any new tutorials, And suddenly found that the website could not be opened. The website name

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