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Flash function Summary (funtion)

A function is a variable that determines the value of another variable by a certain rule, and the corresponding relationship is called a function. A function is a method by which a value is defined to produce another value based on an artificial operation. Functions are also used in Flash, and six types of functions are defined, as follows: General guntions function Eval (varible) Gets the value of a variable True to get logical "true" values False to get logical "false" value NewLine Create a

JS funtion () URL does not jump back to the background action issue

JS funtion () URL does not jump back to the background action issueToday encountered a baffled problem, resolved now, but still do not know why (estimated because the domain name inconsistency), record$.get (ActionURL,{ "ParentID":p Arentid}, func tion (objresult) { $ ( "#childType"). Find ( $ ( "#childType"). Append ( ' var childtypelist =; for (var i=0;i $ ( "#childType"). Append ( " "\" > "+childtypelist[i].typename+ "} } )

Moon 01/14 JavaScript--funtion type

(sum (10,10)), //The executable result is 20function sum (num1,num2) { return num1+num2;}Alert (sum (10,10)), the cause of the error during run time the reference to the function is not saved in the variable sum until the statement where the function is executed: return "unexpected identifier" (unexpected identifier error) var sum = function (num1,num2) { return num1+num2;};Of course you can use both function declarations and function expressions such as var sum = Fu

Access to PCI and PCIe configuration space (mcfg, bus, device, Funtion)

, configuration mechanism #1 is the only option to access the PCI configuration space. The RW software can read the mcfg base address: Figure 1 At the same time, we can also see the value of b0d2f0's register: Figure 2 then, based on the base address f8000000 and b0d2f0, according to The PCIe cofigration space address specification, we can get the address f8010000. We can read it through Dumphys to change the physical address value: The value read in Figure 3 is 07 04 90 00, which corresponds t

The funtion process of contains built-in or internal functions, such as MsgBox, CStr, and so on. In addition, you can use function statements to write your own function procedures. The syntax for a Function procedure is:{private| public| friend|} Function

Shell script implementation of guessing number games _linux shell

" ############################################################### # "echo-e" \ n \ Declare INPUT declare PASSWORD declare A declare B declare X declare Y declare LOOP #This funtion INI t the variable PASSWORD that user need to guess Init_password () {password= ' echo $ (($RANDOM%10000)) ' Echo $PASSWOR D | grep ' ^[0-9]\{4\}$ ' >/dev/null 2>1 if [$?!= 0] then Init_password else input FI} #This funtion

Learning Java is worth your attention. (1) name it "Learning Java, small details that are easy to be ignored by you" (1)

I remember when my sophomore year was about to end, a girl suddenly asked me, "Do you know Java? Can you help me do my homework ?" To be honest, the girl was really pretty and I wanted to help her at the time. However, I have never been in touch with Java, so that I can't afford to finish my homework on Java programming in just a few days. In the end, I did not promise her, and I missed a chance to do a good job in front of her. I have regretted this for more than a few months. Now that I am a j

The difference between jquery (function () {}) and (function () {}) (jquery) in jquery

jquery is an excellent javascrīpt framework. Let's now discuss the functions that are executed after two pages are loaded in Jquery.$(document).ready(function(){ // 在这里写你的代码...});Code to run when the DOM load is completecan be simply writtenJQuery (function () {});What does (function ($) {}) (jQuery) mean? (function () {}) (JQuery);It is actually an anonymous method of executing () (para), except that the jquery object is passed.Equivalentfunction AA ($) {}AA (JQuery)Is the usual way to initial

Four-fork tree and eight-fork tree

first picture of this paper Pseudo code: Funtion quadtreebuild (depth, rect) { quadtree->depth = depth; /* Create a branch, root of root tree, depth depth, rectangular area represented by rect root node */ Quadcreatebranch (root, depth, rect); } Funtion quadcreatebranch (n, Depth,rect) { if (depth!=0) { n = new node; Opening new nodes n->rect = rect; Stores the rectangular area represented by the node i

Linux programming-makefile file

connected by many. o files and other library files provided by the operating system. It is not as simple as here. At this time, a main.exe file is displayed in the directory. Check the attributes of the file and you can see that it has the running attributes. By the way, this is the final executable file we want. If the value is correct, the main.exe file name here is arbitrarily specified. The system will not assign the running attribute to it because we add an exe suffix, Nor will this runnin

Linux programming _ MAKEFILE file

. Check the attributes of the file and you can see that it has the running attributes. By the way, this is the final executable file we want. If the value is correct, the main.exe file name here is arbitrarily specified. The system will not assign the running attribute to it because we add an EXE suffix, Nor will this running attribute be canceled without the EXE suffix. Okay. Run the file: #./Main.exe Press enter to view the "Hello World!" printed on the terminal !" .Now I have some functions i

What do you know about jQuery plug-ins? Want to develop your own plug-ins? Come in!

First, understand the differences between two concepts: jquery (function () {}) and (function () {} (jQuery); jQuery (function () {}); and docunemt ). ready (function () {}); it means to execute ready () method 2 after DOM loading. (funtion () {}( jQuery ); First, understand two conceptsDifferences between jquery (function () {}) and (function () {} (jQuery)JQuery (function (){});Write AllJQuery (docunemt). ready (function (){});It means to execute th

Mistakes in passing Parameters Using pointers

(I am currently in the cainiao stage ......) When I create a function today, I want to return a class and an integer. Naturally, I want to use a pointer to return a class, and return to return an integer. Then my statement is: Function body: Int funtion (element * P) {element * A = new element ();...... // Some operations on a p = A; // here, P has the value int num = 0; return num ;} Call function: Element * P = NULL;

jquery Learning Note 1

$ (function () {}) is a shorthand for Ready (function () {}), which executes a series of pre-defined functions after the DOM loading is complete.(function () {}) (); This can be understood as a closure is a call to an anonymous method to ensure that the variables inside the method do not conflict with the outside world, immediately execute the function, the equivalent of declaring a function, after the declaration of a direct call;(function ($) {...}) (jQuery);Equivalent to the following wording

The difference between function expression and function declaration in JS

() {}): expressionBitwise operators:~funtion aaa () {}: Expression-funtion aaa () {}: Expression+funtion aaa () {}: Expression! Funtion aaa () {}: Expression(There are function expressions for all of the above representations)OK, look at the performance of the different, we already know how to distinguish them, the fo

Analysis of actual functions of jsconstructor _ javascript skills

Let's discuss the role of constructor. For more information, see. Extracted from 51js. The Code is as follows: Script Function. prototype. createInstance = function (){Var T = function (){};T. prototype = this. prototype;T. constructor = this;Var o = new T ();This. apply (o, arguments );Return o;} Script Let's talk about the phrase T. constructor = this in the above Code. I feel that this sentence has no practical effect, Itself T. constructor should be

C # realizes Bezier three times curve __c#

Now learning graphics, using C # to achieve the Bezier three times curve; Finally took time to tidy up the code, now put him out ------------------------------------ public class Drawengecur { /*funtion: Draw Bezier Curves *input: (1) G:graphics objects for drawing concrete graphics; (2) Controlpoints: Single precision point type, control point coordinates * (3) PenColor, drawing the color of the graphic; (4) degree The number of times the Bezie

MySQL notes-table-level constraints

Table-level constraints1. PRIMARY KEY constraint----PRIMARY keyPrimary key: A combination of one or more columns in a table that requires the data of that column to be uniqueSingle field primary key: Fields name Data Type Property Primary KeyMulti-field primary key:primary key (field 1, field 2)The value of the primary key column cannot be empty!!! example: Create an employee table tb_emp1 id primary key CREATE TABLE TB_EMP1 (ID int primary key,name varchar), deptid int,salary float); Cr

In JS, the usage of (function () {}) () is resolved

Often used, summed up today, the following digest from a Netizen's summary:(function ($) {...}) (JQuery) is actually an anonymous function that does not know that a friend can continue to look down.This is actually anonymous function functions (ARG) {...} This defines an anonymous function that, when called with Arg, is written with parentheses and arguments after the function, and because of the precedence of the operator, the function itself needs to be enclosed in parentheses, namely: (functi

Jquery $. fn $. fx what does it mean? _ jquery-js tutorial

"). alertWhileClick (); On the page: $ ("# Input1") is a jQuery instance. When it calls the member method alertWhileClick, the extension is implemented. When it is clicked, the content in the current edit is displayed. In the real development process, of course, there will not be such a small plug-in. In fact, jQuery has provided a wide range of operations documents, events, CSS, Ajax, and effects methods, combined with these methods, you can develop more Niubility plug-ins. Differences bet

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