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The exploration and practice of Wiki

The wiki site emphasizes teamwork, which provides us with a good collaborative environment. There is no concept of copyright, information and knowledge is no longer a one-way from the authoritative top-down distribution, but completely

Analysis of the current situation and trend of Wiki Development in China

Analysis of the current situation and trend of Wiki Development in China With the rapid development of the Internet, the Collaborative Design and parallel engineering (concurrent engineering) in the field of computer aided design (CAD), which was

Android Fastboot[wiki Encyclopedia]

OverviewFastBoot is the This method that's Android uses to flash the Android build onto the target. If you really want the details, the FastBoot protocol specification are found in the Android source fastboot_protocol.txt. FastBoot abstracts the

Reproduced WIKI MVC pattern

The MVC pattern (model-view-controller) is a software architecture model in software engineering, which divides the software system into three basic parts: model, view and controller.The MVC pattern was first proposed by Trygve Reenskaug in 1978 [1]

Unity5 internal rendering optimization 3: remove fixed functions, unity5 remove

Unity5 internal rendering optimization 3: remove fixed functions, unity5 remove Translated from the aras blog, there are three articles in total to describe the process of unity5 optimizing its own RendererLearn from debugging and optimization

Unity5 optimization of internal rendering 3: removing the fixed function

A total of 3 articles from the Aras blog, describing Unity5 's process of optimizing its own rendererLearn how to optimize the unity5 internal renderer by drawing on the experience of the great God's commissioning and optimizationFirst:Unity5

[Reprinted] Build an internal enterprise collaboration platform with open source software and kill QQ msn

As a part of the company, you may be worried about a wide variety of viruses, Trojans, such as pandatv, flowing through MSN and QQ, as well as the worms that paralyze the company's network through MSN. in other words, we need an enterprise internal

Use hashcash to combat spam

Cute Python: Use hashcash to combat spam Content:

LINUX PID 1 and systemd PID 0 is part of the kernel, mainly used for internal page feed, the last step of kernel initialization

To say clear Systemd, you have to start with the Linux operating system started speaking. The startup of the Linux operating system starts with the BIOS, then the boot Loader loads into the kernel and initializes the kernel. The final step in kernel

How to Use git to create a key

How to generate a Public Key (VIA) Workflow Install and set git Download the latest version of Git When you install git, You need to perform simple configuration to open the terminal:User Name Step 1: Tell git your name.

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