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RHCs using the Css_tool command to create an HA cluster and create a GFS2 cluster file system

------ ---- ---- ------ 1 Online, Local 2 Online 3 Online [Root@node2 mnt]# rpm-ql gfs2-utils /etc/rc.d/init.d/gfs2 /sbin/fsck.gfs2 /SBIN/MKFS.GFS2 \ \ format to create GFS2 file system /SBIN/MOUNT.GFS2 \ \ Mount the GFS2 file system /usr/sbin/gfs2_convert Use of the MKFS.GFS2 command -J Specifies the number of log are

RHCs using the Css_tool command to create an HA cluster and create a GFS2 cluster file system

benefit of the clustered file system GFS2[email protected] mnt]# Touch a.txt[email protected] mnt]# LLTotal 16-rw-r--r--. 1 root root 0 Dec 19:10 a.txt-rw-r--r--. 1 root root 19:06 issueIn addition to a node NODE5[Email protected] ~]# iscsiadm-m node-t not up, because only two cluster log files are created, several logs can be mounted on several nodes[Email protected] ~]# mount-t gfs2/dev/sdc1/m

Using files to create a file system under a Linux system

Using files to create file systems under a Linux system, the small partners may have a bit of a clue about what it means at first blush.In fact, the use of files to create a file system is still quite practical valueFirst we do some testing, when we do not want to use the ac

Create a distributed system using line 1 code using Mesos, Docker, and Go

Create a distributed system using line 1 code using Mesos, Docker, and GoIt is very difficult to build a distributed system. It requires scalability, fault tolerance, high availability, consistency, scalability and efficiency. To achieve these goals, a distributed

Building Java development environment and using Eclipse to create Java projects from the ground up

a new class for my newly created package.Fill in the class name (class name note case), tick the check box (public static void main (string[] args), is to automatically generate the main method, click "Finish" to complete.The class file is already built.D. Write a simple Helloword and try it for a little bit.Add the following code: SYSTEM.OUT.PRINTLN ("Hello World by");7. Compile and runClick Run--run on the menu bar to compile the run, or press CTRL+F11 directly

Create a folder locally (multi-tier directory) using Java code and create a file directory on the local disk

To build a folder locally using Java code Import; Import; Import Org.slf4j.Logger; Import Org.slf4j.LoggerFactory; /** * @ClassName * @Author Lina * @Describtion Create a file directory on a local disk * @Date Date Created: 2017-7-12 Midday 4:06:40 * */public class Createfileutil {private static final Logger

Java Learning Summary (14)--java reflection mechanism, using reflection to dynamically create objects

AgePrivate Double ScoreExample 2 (Get Method Object)Package method;Import Java.lang.reflect.Method;Import Java.lang.reflect.Modifier;public class Methoddemo {public static void Main (string[] args) {try {class}Operation Result:public void Eat (String args0,string args1)public int Getage ()public void setage (int args0)Public double Getscore ()public void SetScore (double args0)7. Creating objects dynamically using reflection(1) Method one:Use class's

By using Byte Buddy, you can easily create Java Agent and bytebuddy

By using Byte Buddy, you can easily create Java Agent and bytebuddy The Java agent is the Java program to be executed before another Java application ("target" Application) is started. In this way, the agent has the opportunity to

Create a stand-alone Web Services application using Eclipse and Java SE 6, part 2nd

this tutorial, you should know: How to create a Web service client by using the Eclipse IDE to generate code, using Java SE 6 to compile code. How to use the Java-based build tools Ant in the Eclipse IDE to run specialized Java

Create a Bank data management system using Sql-server Ⅰ

Label:Create a Bank data management system using Sql-server Ⅰ Author statement: Just started to write a blog, inevitably some deficiencies, and then I first involved in software development this industry, is a letter to the small white, the article will certainly appear some wrong place, hope to find the wrong friends can timely point out, insufficient places also please all the way the great God to teach,

Using Remastersys to create an Ubuntu system ISO image

1. Download Remastersys package directlyLogin website and download: Remastersys_3.0.4-2_all.deb, Remastersys-gui_3.0.4.1-amd_64.deb2, installation Remastersys dependent 使用指令sudo dpkg -i xxx.deb安装以上下载的软件包;At this time, the general installation is not successful, prompting lack of dependency;Installation is unsuccessful, use the instructions sudo dpkg--purge remastersys to remove the installation Remastersys;Run a command to install Remastersys dependenciessudo ap

How to create a simple blog system using the Flask framework

This is the second article in The Flask framework's Learning Guide series. it mainly describes how to create a simple blog system for small projects, if you have any need, you can refer to the previous article about building a flask development environment. Today, we will continue to build a practical project-blog system. The blog

Basic--AD of Enterprise Information System: Create accounts in bulk using C #

Basic--AD of Enterprise Information System: Create accounts in bulk using C #If a company intends to use Microsoft's products to build its own office automation system, it is recommended to adopt the primary domain control approach. Then, it is necessary to use Active Directory, so that the IT department needs to

Create a new Linux system virtual machine using VMware

needed or by default, select "Split disk into multiple files" below.Figure 11, select "Use network address translation".Figure 12, just the next step.Figure 13, review the previous configuration, if there is an error before returning to the previous steps to modify, if no error click "Done".14, here the virtual machine has been created, the left side of the virtual machine has been created (the above virtual machine for me to create a good, selected

How to Create a storage pool and image using the Btrfs File System

How to Create a storage pool and image using the Btrfs File System If multiple hard disks are attached to your Linux system, you do not need to use these disks as separate storage, using the Btrfs file system, we can easily combin

Using the Win7 system to quickly create a USB disk with function

We usually create a USB flash drive, will choose some production tools, although the production tool made Easy freehand brushwork, but the master can not like to borrow tools to make the launch of a U disk Oh, they prefer to use the traditional cmd command to quickly create, if you also want to become a master, then may wish to look at the following this tutorial. CMD Basic command: DiskPart//Call DiskPar

Idea of using PHP to create a news system

The idea of using PHP to create a news system, and reading the idea of using PHP to create a news system, we can use a news system to store news, and we can add or delete news, this red

Create a message board, a comment system, and a comment board using "more". _ PHP Tutorial

Make a message board, comment system, and comment on the message board by using "say more. Using "say more" to make a message board and comment system, the message board comment message board and comment system are often used in website construction, today, we will show you

Principles and system development of truecrypt (1): Create an encrypted volume using truecrypt format

I. OverviewTruecrypt is the only virtual encrypted disk software that supports Windows Vista/XP/2000/Linux open source. It can create and set encrypted virtual disk images, and the virtual disk can be accessed as normal as other disks, all internal files are automatically encrypted and accessed using passwords. encryption and decryption are both real-time.Truecrypt consists of two parts: truecrypt format, w

Deploy the WIN8 system using MDT2013-Create an MDT directory share

confirm that we shared out the Deploymentshare folder whether everyone has RW's permission 650) this.width=650; "style=" WIDTH:650PX;HEIGHT:427PX; "title=" 8.png "alt=" wkiol1ovywaafdl5aakcle30kqw674.jpg "src=" 20140609174609769.jpg "/>Confirm the Everyone permission to ensure that everyone has access to650) this.width=650; "style=" width:650px;height:415px; "title=" 9.png "alt=" Wkiom1ovyzttr6hvaai6d1zwr6c558.jpg "src= "Http://

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