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How to operate knowledge base effectively

In all aspects of knowledge management, knowledge base, as the storage and management center of knowledge, plays a very important role and is the key to the smooth operation of knowledge management. How can we effectively operate the knowledge base?

IVI Help Desk to create knowledge base and knowledge sharing tutorials

Knowledge management is the knowledge, knowledge creation process and application of knowledge planning and management activities, the Organization to build a quantitative and qualitative knowledge base, so that information and knowledge in the

Knowledge management of software enterprises

Knowledge management of software enterprises In the era of knowledge economy, an industry that uses knowledge as the primary source of productivity can be called a knowledge-based industry. The software industry is a knowledge-intensive industry.

Deep analysis of the knowledge of base class and base class inheritance in C + + programming _c language

Base classThe inheritance process creates a new derived class that consists of the members of the base class plus any new members added by the derived class. In multiple inheritance, you can build an inheritance diagram in which the same base class

Full-text search knowledge base system solution (1)

Scope of survey plan The purpose of this survey is to find a knowledge base system that provides excellent full-text search functions and performance. During the survey, we will give priority to how to implement the full-text search function,

Use powerdesigner to create an Enterprise Knowledge Base

1 Overview  Enterprise-level application development is usually completed by a team. In different stages of the software development process, a number of huge and complex analysis and design models are generated, the addition of team members and

Raneto Docs (open-source Knowledge Base building program), ranetodocs

Raneto Docs (open-source Knowledge Base building program), ranetodocs1. raneto Docs: a Raneto is a Markdown-based open-source node. the js knowledge base platform uses the Markdown file to store the knowledge base. Raneto can also be called a

Personal Knowledge Management Basics

The rapid development of IT technology and the Internet has led to the "information explosion" and the arrival of the Knowledge Age, facing the "knowledge explosion" of today's society,   Everyone must "continue to learn" to master the required

CRM Operations Knowledge Base article entity

Using System;Using MICROSOFT.XRM.SDK;Using Microsoft.Crm.Sdk.Messages;Using Microsoft.Xrm.Sdk.Query;Knowledge Base Articlespublic class Kbarticlehelper{public static readonly String entityname = "Kbarticle";Public Guid Kbarticleid =

Filter the knowledge base by using the data connection function between parts in the webpart.

After two lists are created, if the two lists are referenced by each other, we often need to associate values. The webpart connection function of WSS can be used to manage the webpart, next I will use the "document category" in the knowledge base as

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