how to create php project in xampp

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Linux--Ubuntu desktop installation Xampp

First, please download the latest version of XAMPP from it is a xampp compressed fileCopy the Xampp compressed file to the/OPT and unzip it. If your computer does not have a/opt directory, use the "sudo mkdir/opt"

Create a php Development Environment (XAMPP + Xdebug + ZendStudio)

1. Install XAMPP and ZendStudioZendStudio: pan. baidu. coms1o6BjvAEXAMPP: pan. baidu. coms1ntkNcEX. 2. Configure Xdebug in the installation directory of XAMPP, find the php folder, and edit the phpphp. ini file. Find [XDebug] and edit the content 1.

XAMPP Tutorial (i): xampp download, install, configure, run PHP Web project

Originally did not want to make PHP, but a classmate asked me to help start a PHP write the background. Really need to learn a bit.Want to install XAMPP software, a collection of multiple servers, multiple databases, multiple background language

PHP Development Environment Build (Xampp+xdebug+netbeans, configure debugging), create the first PHP project ____php

The main reference to this is as follows: Without a remote debugging environment, the development efficiency is extremely low. Habitual operation, apparently unable to get used to this Notepad +ie Explorer's development model. So decided to build a

Use xampp to build and run a php vm. xampp VM _ PHP Tutorial

Use xampp to set up and run a php VM. Detailed steps for using xampp to build and run a php virtual host. recently, xampp is installed as a new software to build its own web development environment, after the installation is complete, you need to

Debian (Linux) + XAMPP (lampp) + Zend studio + PHP + xdebug complete development environment configuration method.

After three days of struggle, I finally installed the xdebug of the php development tool Zend studio in Linux as follows:   1. Install XAMPP. The installation method is as follows: assume that the installation path of XAMPP is/opt/lampp. The

Ubuntu (Linux) + XAMPP (lampp) + eclipse + PHP + xdebug complete development environment configuration method

First, install JRE or JDK. There are many methods on the Internet. Please search for them. I am lazy. Next, install XAMPP. The installation method is as follows: assume that the installation path of XAMPP

Set up the PHP development environment (XAMPP + Xdebug + netbeans, configure debugging) and create

The main reference is as follows: No RemoteDebugging environment is set up, leading to low development efficiency. Habitual operations obviously cannot get used to this development mode of notepad IEExplorer. Therefore, we decided to build a PHP

Install XAMPP in Ubuntu

First, download the latest XAMPP version from Then, the Installation File Server knows/OPT and decompress it. If your computer does not have the/OPT directory, run the mkdir/OPT command as a super user to create the directory. If the

Best Mac+phpstorm+xampp+xdebug Integration Development and breakpoint debug environment configuration in history

  in the previous PHP series article, "PHP Integrated development Environment comparison" in , I have made a brief introduction and comparison of several common integrated development environments based on my personal experience . , personally,

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