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Quickly build a salt SSH Environment Based on Salt master/minions

Pre-reading Environment Description Commencement Create a user and key authentication management environment for the salt SSH Environment Configure mine to get the minion ID and IP address Generate salt rosters Apply salt SSH Remarks The salt 0.17

Salt file server: CP Module (III)

Salt file ServerThe salt contains a simple file server for distributing files to salt minions. The file server is a stateless ZEROMQ server built on Salt master.The primary intent of the Salt file server is to use the display file in the Salt State

Use salt to install software under Windows

Https:// crossing Web documents, my English is poor, translation is not good, understandingIn 2015.8.0 and later, the Windows software repository cache was compiled on the

SALT-API installation configuration and use

Installationyum install salt-api -yConfiguration Generate a self-signed certificate (for SSL) cd /etc/pki/tls/certs# 生成自签名证书, 过程中需要输入key密码及RDNsmake testcertcd /etc/pki/tls/private/# 解密key文件,生成无密码的key文件,

Use Nodejs's crypto module to add salt to your password hash

This article will explain to you how to use Node.js the Crypto module to add salt to your password hash . Here, we will not make a detailed comparison of the password storage methods that we do not understand. What we are going to do is to know the

Java about Md5+salt Salt encryption verification

I. State the Workflow:1. According to the existing password string to generate a password + salt string, You can also store the salt of the encrypted string in the database (see requirements),2. Verify that the submitted password string is encrypted

SALT-SSH Batch automatic installation of the controlled end minion

salt-ssh Batch automatic installation of the controlled end minion Salt-ssh is another way to manage saltstack, without the need to install the Minion end, can use all the functions of salt, management and use of basic and salt. However, Salt-ssh

Build master returner Based on Salt Event System

Pre-reading Environment Description Commencement Pre-Configuration Write returner Test The returner of saltstack is the storage of execution results by the minion client actively connected to returner, which cannot meet the requirements in some

Salt execution results returned to MySQL

what databases can be stored: MySQL as an example to configure the

Salt combined with crontab Auto-sync configuration file

Saltstack automatic synchronization configuration file, in fact, I am a combination of crontab to get, is to put the Minion end of the machine into a group, and then for this group to do job execution State.sls to do.Note: In fact saltstack have

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