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"Go" OpenVZ Virtualization Open Source Project Introduction

OpenVZ Virtualization Open Source Project Introduction OpenVZ Virtualization Open Source project [official website:] What is openvz OpenVZ is open source software, is a Linux platform based operating system-level server

How to protect your Linux VPS

This article translates from Digitalocean's Introduction to securing your Linux VPS, which is recommended to read the original. Previously posted in the OSC translation area, has been audited, had to publish to the blog this ObjectiveTaking

Install the VPN Server and the VPN Client on UbuntuVPS

This article combines two articles and has personally experienced it. It is very good. We have successfully established a VPN dedicated channel! The whole process is actually very simple. First, repeat the LNMP army brother's method and establish a

Git server built under CentOS: Gitosis

Git server built under CentOS: Gitosis Due to the low cost, I rented a virtual private cloud (vps) from miguo, and the domestic git server is about to expire. I plan to deploy one on it because I have encountered many problems. This article mainly

Build openvpn server in Centos6.5

Build openvpn server in Centos6.5 Because the new version of openvpn does not contain the most important certificate preparation part: easy-rsa, You need to download easyrsa in advance and download it on GitHub. The configuration process will be

Build lamp server under Ubuntu

Build Your owndebian/ubuntu LAMP Server-quick & Easy Do it yourself installation Apache 2-linux Web Server MySQL 5-mysql Database Server PHP4/5-PHP Scripting Language phpmyadmin-web-based database admin software.Note:linux + Apache + MySQL

Openvz features and analysis, Openvz Features Analysis

Openvz features and analysis, Openvz Features Analysis OpenVZ is an open-source software and an operating system-level server virtualization solution based on the Linux platform. OpenVZ uses the kernel of SWsoft's Virutozzo virtualization server

Netty's restful API simple implementation and deployment

1 BEGIN Netty is a NIO based customer, server-side programming framework that uses Netty to ensure that you quickly and easily develop a network application, such as a client that implements a certain protocol, a service-side application. Netty

The history of Linux container technology: from Chroot to the future

The Linux container is an operating system-level virtual technology that provides multiple isolated Linux environments on a single Linux host. Unlike virtual machines (VMS), containers do not need to run a dedicated guest operating system.

Centos Install Pure-ftpd using Yum

The detailed steps for installing Pure-ftpd using Yum are as follows:Step 1: configure the yum sourceBackup (if other epel sources are configured)Mv/etc/yum. repos. d/epel. repo/etc/yum. repos. d/epel. repo. backupDownload the new repo to/etc/yum.

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