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Free Windows and Linux VPS Providers 2017

Free Windows and Linux VPS Providers 2017After surfing many days, I-finally found some VPS providers that give us VPS servers with free of charge without have to Pay anything.1. Desktone–vmware Horizon AirFree Windows and Linux VPS Providers

Install pptpd and vpn proxy on the VPS Server

A vps host (or VPS) is a virtual server that uses virtual server software to create multiple isolated small servers on a physical server, each VPS has its own operating system, independent space, independent memory, and independent CPU resources. It

Some problems needing attention in the process of choosing Linux VPS by Novice

Today's new blog, the first article to share my more familiar with the Linux VPS host selection problem. As a domestic user, many webmasters have started from the original search for free host most of them have to start paying to buy the host's

The method of opening SSH key login for VPS server of Linux system

For VPS Security, I opened the VPS SSH key login settings, through the Goole search data, the operation was successful. The following is an action record. This assumes that as root, the IP of the VPS is The first step: the creation of a

Nginx 0.7.x + PHP 5.2.6 (FastCGI) + MySQL 5.1 configuration optimization on the 128M Small memory VPS Server

Nginx 0.7.x + PHP 5.2.6 (FastCGI) + MySQL 5.1 in 128M Small memory VPS Server Configuration Optimization Large | Medium | Small [2008-10-28 16:55 | by Zhang Banquet] [Article Zhang Banquet this version: v1.0 last modified: 2008.10.28 reproduced

Nginx 0.7.x + PHP 5.2.6 (FastCGI) + MySQL 5.1 configuration optimization on M small memory VPs server [original]

[Author: Zhang banquet this article version: V1.0 final modification: 2008.10.28 reprinted please indicate the original article link:] VPS (virtual private server) is the use of the latest virtualization technology to

What is VPs?

We may not be very clear about the concept of VPS (virtual private server. VPs Technology Introduction Use the latest virtualization technology hyper-V to create multiple mutually isolated Virtual Private hosts ("virtual private server" or "VPs") on

Use VPS host to do website, let your website also support IPV6

This article is written to students in VPS, even if your VPS provider does not support IPV6, you can make your site IPv6 ready. If you have a lot of readers in the Education network, do this is very worthwhile, because the education Network has no

Solve CC attacks, Linux VPs, log on to SSH, and log on to the VPs Control Panel

In order to keep the description of the operation process as concise as possible, there is no excessive explanation added in the above content, and you will stay here for a unified description. 1. The nature of "Proxy Server" Two values related to

Simple security settings After purchasing a Linux VPS server

After we have purchased a VPS or server for a Linux system, the general merchant will give you a root account, and the default password will not be too long, which is not safe. Often customers because of weak password and hacked password caused the

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