how to create zip folder using php

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Part 1: use the new zip Extension

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PHP ziparchive Compression decompression zip file implementation

PHP ziparchive is a PHP extension class, you can easily achieve the zip file compression and decompression, before using the first to ensure that the PHP zip extension has been opened, the specific opening method does not say, different platforms to

Php generates two examples of zip compression files _ PHP Tutorial-php Tutorial

Php generates two examples of zip compression files. To generate a zip file in php, we only need to use one phpzip to compress the ZipArchive function. the following small series will summarize the two implementations. one is to use ZipArchive to

PHPZipArchive implements compression and decompression of Zip files

: This article describes how to compress and decompress a Zip file using PHPZipArchive. For more information about PHP tutorials, see. PHP ZipArchive is a PHP Extension class that can easily compress and decompress ZIP files. before using it,

PHP ziparchive Package Compressed zip file instance

Here I'm using PHP's own ziparchive class. A We just need to new a Ziparchive object, then use the open method to create a zip file, and then use the AddFile method to write the file to be packaged in the zip file you just created, and it's best to

A few lines of code to easily implement PHP file package download zip code instance details

This article is mainly for you to introduce in detail the use of PHP zlib function, easy to implement PHP file package download zip, with a certain reference value, interested in small partners can refer to The example of this article for everyone

Create a ZIP file using PHPPclZip

PHP compression and decompression class PclZip can be used to compress and decompress Zip files (WinZip and PKZIP). It can process ZIP files, this includes generating compressed files, listing compressed files, and extracting ZIP files. The latest

PHP zip extension, unzip file, Ziparchive class

PHP$zip=NewZiparchive ();//Create a new object/*$zip->open The first parameter of this method represents the zip file name processed. The second parameter represents the processing mode, ziparchive::overwrite means that if the zip file exists, it

Php generates two examples of zip files

To generate a zip file in php, we only need to use a php zip compression ZipArchive function. The following small series will summarize the two implementations. One is to use ZipArchive to generate a zip file, all files in another compressed folder.

How to Use PHP scripts and PEAR classes to create ZIP files

When developing Web applications, you may encounter files in different formats-CSV data, password files, XML-encoded content, and binary data in different forms. Your PHP script will frequently interact with these files, read data from them, and

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