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Android preset default voicemail number implementation

Some SIM cards are not preset with the VoiceMail number at the factory, but the operator requires that the preset VM number be read from the mobile phone according to PLMN. This section describes how to preset VM number in xml format and how to allow users to modify and remember their choices. The priority of VM number is: SIM card reading> User Settings> xml preset. When you modify the voice mail number, the SIM card is preferentially stored. If the

Android Preset default voicemail number specifically implemented _android

Some SIM cards do not have a preset voicemail number at the factory, but the operator also requires the ability to adaptively read the preset VM number from the phone according to PLMN. This article describes how to preset VM number in XML, and how to allow users to modify and remember the user's choices. VM number uses a priority of: SIM card read > user settings >xml preset. When the user modifies voice mail number, the SIM card is first stored. If

Why can't I deactivate and enable a network connection?

I open a computer company, but also maintain some internet cafes. Due to the excessive optimization, there is a strange problem. After study, the solution is now available. Network connection can not normal disconnect and connect the network, mainly in the network connection in the right click the local connection icon, in the pop-up menu select "Deactivate" will pop-up disabled Connection error dialog box, the content is "cannot

Mobile hard drive cannot deactivate common volume problem resolution

When you need to remove the removable hard disk or flash memory, we usually perform the "safely Delete hardware" operation, but we often encounter the "unable to deactivate the universal volume" prompts, making the user afraid to pull out the USB connection. There are several reasons for this, which is often mentioned in the online tutorials because it opens a file on the mobile hard drive and is in use. If this is the case, close the related program

Service and thread relationships and how to enable service, how to deactivate service

calling the method will also cause the system to invoke the service's Onunbind ()-->ondestroy () method.The service common life cycle callback method is as follows:OnCreate () This method is called when the service is created, and the method is only called once, and the service is created only once, regardless of how many times the StartService () or Bindservice () method is called.OnDestroy () This method is called when the service is terminated.Life cycle methods related to starting services

Some ways to deactivate a U disk

U disk is easy to use, we all know, but sometimes in order to protect the data in the computer had to stop using U disk, the following follow to see what to stop the U disk are the methods: One: Right click on my Computer--> management, and then select Device Manager--> Universal Serial Bus controller--> has two USB root hub disable these two items inside: Conventional--> device method--> Deactivate Two: Open start "Run" input regedit, find "Hkey_lo

SharePoint Content Deployment Prerequisite--error features deactivate automation

The process for content deployment is simply:General application Settings, Content Deployment-1) Configure Content Deployment:Connection Security->do not require encryptionSource status check->disable source status check->ok2) Check deployment of specific content:The Type in the source URL and check the definition.3) Manage Content Deployment Paths and Jobs:New Path (Create the path from source to definition)Notice:the source Web application ' s content database should distinguish the content da

Deactivate a trigger in a specific SQL statement or session

Problem I have a trigger created on the table that will be activated when a insert,delete or UPDATE statement is executed against the table. I want to prevent a trigger from being activated on a particular statement, and the trigger remains in a normal state of execution when other statements are executed. Is there a way to do this dynamically? Expert answers At some point, disabling triggers is something you might need to do, especially if you are performing an administrator task on a single

Android Deactivate and enable system application logic

Before a lot of unofficial systems will be built in many applications can not be uninstalled, so that users are annoyed, no root and no way. After Android 4.0, Google added the ability to deactivate system apps for Android. Recently, a customer has a requirement that the built-in Google Play is disabled by default, but the user can "enable" in Settings > Apps > Deactivated. Take a look at the logic of the relevant code today to see if this requirement

How to deactivate a system hide share

In order to facilitate the management system, Windows 2000/xp/2003 and other systems after the successful startup, often will automatically enable the hidden shares of some special resources, such as C $, d$, ipc$, admin$, and so on, these hidden shared resources do not require user-created, users in the "My Computer" Windows cannot directly view their shared state. If a user knows the IP address of the local system and the system administrator account, he or she can remotely access the special

How does the WIN8 system deactivate a wireless network connection?

How does the WIN8 system deactivate a wireless network connection? Method One: 1, on the screen to move the mouse to the upper right corner, and then move vertically down the Super button bar, click "Settings"; 2, click "Change computer Settings"; 3. Click the "Network" option in the computer settings interface; 4, in the network window click "Flight Mode", and then the right side of the window will be "flight

What do I do when I can't deactivate a universal volume?

After using the mobile hard disk or flash memory needs to be removed, we usually perform the "safe removal of hardware" operation, but often encounter "can not deactivate the universal volume" prompts, so that users do not dare to pull out the USB connection. There are several reasons for this, which is often mentioned in the online tutorials because it opens a file on the mobile hard drive and is in use. If this is the case, close the related progra

Smart to deal with the U disk can not safely deactivate the problem

have nothing), Then add the new Explorer.exe (the interface is restored), and finally try to remove the USB device. This method is most commonly used. Four, do not have the right to restart it, the restart is finished can be deleted. About the U disk can not safely deactivate the problem is a lot of users in the process of using a U disk is often encountered in a situation, users if you do not know how to safely stop using U disk, the above introdu

MYSQL Registration start and Deactivate uninstall batch script (complement)

Tags: mysql batch processingA batch file that was written earlier when the MySQL interface was debugged.Register to start My_install.bat@echo Offset Mysql_dir=%~dp0rem set mysql_dir=%cd%if not "%mysql_home%" = "" ( If not "%mysql_home%" = = "%mysql_dir%" ( echo mysql_home=%mysql_home% = mysql_dir=%mysql_dir% goto my_ends )) Else ( set Mysql_home=%mysql_ dir% echo Mysql_home must be set as mysql_dir=%mysql_dir%) set path=%mysql_home%bin;%mysql_home%lib;%path% Mysqladmin-

IOS8 How do you send a voicemail? Iphone6 a tutorial on texting

1. Of course to send voice messages to friends, must be on both sides have opened the premise of IMessage. If you open a IMessage information service, but your friends are not open, or not using the IPhone, you can not send voice. When you see an

Windows system forced Deactivate UAC user Account Control tutorial

1, right click the Start menu icon, choose to run 2, input gpedit.msc, carriage return operation 3, in turn into the computer Configuration-windows Settings-security Settings-Local policy-security options 4. Next Find "User Account

Linux Shutdown Deactivate IPv6 method

Modify the/etc/sysconfig/network corresponding network card, append: The code is as follows Networking_ipv6=no 2. Modify the/etc/hosts, the IPv6 of the local host name resolution also commented out:

How to turn on deactivate 360 security Guardian Quick Search method

1, open 360 security guards 2, click on the lower right corner of more, and then in the utility gadget found Ctrl quick Search, add Ctrl Quick Search can be opened 3, click the CTRL Quick Search option or double-click Ctrl

ipad error Password Too many causes device to deactivate how to do

Pre-operation preparation work 1, the computer one, the data line one root2, the ipad firmware (this if the Internet we do not necessarily want to download), the latest version of itunes Normal entry DFU restore ipad firmware 1, turn off the

How to deactivate a USB external storage device in a Mac

1, first to the system preferences, add an administrator rights account. 2, then to the system hard disk/system (System)/library (resource pool)/expansion/path. 3, will expand the folder press Introduction (cmd + i) in the lower right corner after

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