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Mount RAR files: From recognizing to falling in love with Winmount

Are you still bothered by the decompression wait? Are you still struggling with the growing use of memory? Then come to know Winmount, it will lift your troubles, will bring you surprises, until you fall in love with it! Let rar, zip compressed

How to deal with the p2sp flow of thunder by software download Station

Chinese users are using many types of download software, use the Thunderbolt software users will be very impressive download speed of thunder, ordinary ADSL line, most software or movies can reach hundreds of K download speed, even relatively

Use WinRAR to package the files in the list and keep the file structure!

Today, I was in a daze And suddenly saw Xiao Chu panic in the group, saying that xcopy could not create the directory structure, so I checked the parameters for him and told him that it was not enough to add the parameters, it doesn't matter if I

WinRAR20 a top-secret trick.

  1. Make self-extracting file If you use WinRAR to compress files, and your friends do not use WinRAR, your data must be compressed before you can give it to him. At this point, we can make the RAR compression package into an EXE file. He simply

20 tips for using winrar-application tips

Now a lot of compression software, but winrar with its compact, practical win everyone's favorite. However, this software has a lot of practical skills. Using them, we can really do more with less. 1. Make self-extracting file If you use WinRAR to

PHP Upload class, share with you, please forgive me for your shortcomings! How to deal with it-php Tutorial

PHP Upload class, share with you, please forgive me for your shortcomings! Thank you for your understanding! PHPcode *** file Upload class kangyangyang2010-06-07 * $ loadfile file domain of the file to be uploaded * $ loadpath file storage path * $

compressing files and extracting files under Ubuntu Linux __linux

In general, Ubuntu with the tar command, can be used for decompression and compression. But we often have to deal with win under the user, so to install some decompression tools such as: RAR zip and other commands. If you need to use a zip tool,

Mac computer How to compress and decompress files and folders

Apple Mac computer compression and decompression file and folder method 1, if you need to deal with the file is not on the desktop, then you need to first click on the "Go to"---"Computer" 2, in the Computer window on the left, there are "All My

20165236 Guo Jintao Preparatory work 3 Linux installation and learning

Linux installation process encountered problems 1, the Linux installation process does not have the Ubuntu (64-bit) option (My Computer is 64-bit)?? Workaround:The reason is that there is no open Blos, each computer has a way to enter the Blos, to

20165211 preparatory work 3 Linux installation and learning

20165211 pre-Job 3 Linux installation and learning 1. Linux installation involves software: Virtualbox,ubuntu Reference Tutorial: Installing Ubuntu Graphics tutorial based on VirtualBox problems with the installation process After

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