how to debug php script

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Use zendstudio to configure Xdebug to debug PHP

Before, I introduced the PHP development tool ZendStudio7 getting started tutorial. In fact, it is very convenient to debug PHP using zendstudio. zendstudio supports the debugging tool zenddebugger by default and third-party

Use Zend studio to configure xdebug to debug PHP

Previously, I introduced the php development tool Zend studio7 getting started tutorial. In fact, it is very convenient to debug PHP using Zend studio. Zend Studio supports the debugging tool Zend Debugger by default and allows the use of

Use xdebug to debug PHP programs in eclipse

debugging software is not exactly a fun job for developers. the most widely used Debugger for PHP still seems to be a var_dump () statement, possibly in conjunction with die () to halt program execution at a certain point. while there is nothing

How to Use eclipse to debug Perl applications

How to Use eclipse to debug a Perl application before 11:30:36 This tutorial will introduce the debugging functions provided by the eclipse epic plug-in. This plug-in provides a rich debugging environment that can be used in the epic Perl

Use GDB to Debug PHP code and solve PHP code endless loops _ PHP Tutorial

Use GDB to Debug PHP code to solve the endless loop of PHP code. When I used GDB to Debug PHP code and solve the PHP code endless loop problem and recently helped my colleagues solve the SwooleServer problem, I found that one worker process has been

Debug PHP source code in netbeans ide

Preparations To successfully debug the PHP application in the netbeans IDE for PHPProgramFor PHP development and installation, you must configure the PHP engine, Apache Local Web server, and xdebug debugger. Enable xdebug After xdebug is installed,

Debug PHP C Extension program with GDB+NM

. So is written for the PHP script call, if the PHP script execution is broken,. So can only be in the process of grief and finally, PHP script debugging often used Echo, Print_r, var_dump are not useful. Even if you can print a little error log out,

Using NetBeans + Xdebug to debug PHP programs

After configuring the debugging environment according to the network information, I tried it and found that the function was relatively simple and single file debugging was acceptable. It would be uncomfortable for cross-file debugging projects,

Dynamic Web PHP Programmer's Optimized debugging techniques and techniques

This article describes various ways to debug your PHP application, including opening error reports in Apache and PHP, and finding the source of more difficult bugs by placing a strategic print statement in a simple PHP script. It also introduces the

Use GDB to Debug PHP code and solve the endless PHP code loop problem. gdbphp_PHP tutorial

Use GDB to Debug PHP code to solve the endless PHP code loop problem, gdbphp. Debug the PHP code using GDB to solve the endless PHP code loop problem. when gdbphp recently helped a colleague solve the SwooleServer problem, it found that one worker

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