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Delphi uses python to decode emails. Delphi uses python to decode emails.

 Delphi uses python to decode emails (reproduced) It is estimated that many people, like me, will not be able to handle many bugs when using Indy, and have to use and modify it. Recently, Indy has been used to send and receive emails, from D7 to d200

Python Chinese decode and encode Transcoding

The character string is unicode encoded in Python. Therefore, during encoding and conversion, unicode is usually used as the intermediate encoding, that is, the other encoded strings are decoded into unicode, then, convert the unicode encoding

The relationship between Decode,encode and Unicode in Python (Encode usage, decode usage)

Turn from: Beginners Python, encountered a lot of coding problems, write down to avoid the future and forget, a lot of things do not understand, are belong to superficial understanding,

Encode and decode of Python strings

Encode and decode methods for Python's Str,unicode objectsThe Str object in Python is actually "8-bit string", a byte string, essentially similar to byte[in Java).The Unicode object in Python should be the equivalent of a string object in Java, or

Python garbled, encoding, repr, encode, decode exploration, reprdecode

Python garbled, encoding, repr, encode, decode exploration, reprdecode# Encoding: UTF-8# Run the command lineS = 'Baidu'Print s # The output environment is gbk, encoded as UTF-8, and output garbled charactersPrint s. decode ('utf-8') # => the output

Explore the use of encode and decode (Python)

A lot of times when you write a Python program, you add such a line of code to your head.# Coding:utf-8Or is that so?# -*-coding:utf-8-*-Wait a minuteThis line of code means that the same encoding format is set to Utf-8The data stored in the

One of image decoding-using libjpeg to decode JPEG images

Document directory Libjpeg Introduction Use of libjpeg Library Summary Multimedia Applications are becoming more and more important in today's electronic products, especially in embedded devices. This series of articles will introduce how to

Character encoding in Python: encode/decode

Encoding of characters in Python. During encoding and conversion, we must be clear about the encoding method of the string we read, or the encoding method of the string we want to decode. Then we can use decode to decode the string, decodes a

python0.11-----File/encode and decode/pickle modules

File:File read-write and C-compatible in Python, read-write on disk is done by the operating system, and normal programs cannot manipulate the disk. File reads and writes are done through the operating system object, which is called a file

Java Base64 [Encode and Decode in Base64 Using Java]

Http:// Download linkEncode and Decode in Base64 using Java explains on different techniques for Encode Base64 using

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