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Certutil-decode/encode Base64/hex strings. Print symbols by HEX Code_dos/bat

1. The thing I used this for wad to decode and encode BASE64. (-decode and-encode command switches). It has two annoying features here-for decode and encode it needs-----End Certificate-----and-----BEGIN certificate-----at begining and at Base64

Conversion between JAVA Hex and string, and java hex

Conversion between JAVA Hex and string, and java hexToHexStringPublic static String toHexString (int I) returns the String representation of an integer parameter in the hexadecimal notation.If the parameter is negative, the unsigned integer is 232.

Conversion method between string and hex

Code in 1.c# /// /// ///function: Converts a string content into a 16-encoded data encoding, and its inverse procedure is decode ///parameter description: br>///Strencode The original string that needs to be transformed ///the process of

ASP to Chinese encoding and decoding, decode and encode Chinese website processing

' ==============================================================' Function: ASP server object built-in encoding function' Description: No corresponding decoding function' ==============================================================Function

About encrypting and decrypting Base64 and URLs and Hex Encoding and Decoding_ scripts plus decryption

Today want to change the style of Discuz forum, who knows the download style file, found unexpectedly is through the Base64 encrypted Kobayashi has recommended a decrypted page, extract the code as follows: Copy Code code as follows:

About encryption and decryption Base64 and URL and Hex Encoding and Decoding

I want to change the style of the Discuz forum today. After downloading the style file, I found it was encrypted by Base64. Kobayashi recommends a decryption page. The extracted code is as follows: Copy codeThe Code is as follows: Base64 and URL

ASP to Chinese encoding and decoding, decode and encode Chinese website processing

'============================================================== ' Function: ASP server object built-in encoding function ' Description: No corresponding decoding function '============================================================== Function

URL encoding base encoding decoding hex

0x25346425353425343525333525343325366125343525373725346425353125366625373825346425343425363725346225346625353425366225346 2253464253534253435253738253433253661253435253737253466253531253666253738253464253434253435253462253464253534253435253332 253433

The magical magic of Python encode and decode

>>> "Hello". Encode ("hex") ' 68656c6c6f ' The corresponding can also >>> ' 68656c6c6f '. Decode ("hex")' Hello ' Check the manuals, and these codec are available. Codec Aliases Operand type Purpose Base64_codec

Wonderful use of encode and decode

During network programming, you often need to print the received data in hexadecimal format for easy viewing. Today we found that there is such a simple method in Python.   >>> "Hello". encode ("hex ")'68656c6c6f'   You can also >>> '68656c6c6f'.

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