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Post: PGP Introduction

This article describes the principles and background of PGP implementation. For more information about PGP installation and use, see other documents provided in this document. PGP pretty good privacy is a mail encryption software based on the RSA

Anti-tampering and anti-sp, sending PGP encrypted emails on OS X

Anti-tampering and anti-sp, sending PGP encrypted emails on OS X Bitcoin researchers have heard of PGP encrypted email communication. It is said that Satoshi Nakamoto and his friends used PGP encryption to send emails. Even in the popular CZ vs

Installation tutorial of top-level encryption software PGP Desktop

PGP is currently the best and most secure encryption method. However, because some of the technologies used by PGP are exported by the National Security Department of the United States (such as AES 256bit), the Chinese version has never been

The GPG command for Linux

GpgfunctionGPG is a free tool for encryption and digital signatures, mostly for the transmission of encrypted information. In addition to password-only encryption, the biggest difference in GPG is the provision of a "public/private key" pair. Use

Seven disk encryption technology tools

Comments: TruCrypt, PGP, FreeOTFE, BitLocker, DriveCrypt, and 7-Zip. These encryption programs provide exceptionally reliable real-time encryption functions to ensure data security, avoid data loss, theft, and spying. Few IT professionals still need

VC ++ network security programming example (15)-export session keys

the key (cryptographic key) is a mail encryption software based on the RSA public key encryption system. It can add a digital signature to your email so that the recipient can be sure that the email was sent by you. It allows you to securely

File encryption and decryption technology in Linux: GnuPG

GnuPG (GNU Privacy Guard or GPG): encryption and signature software based on the PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) mechanism in Linux PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) is a mail encryption software based on the RSA public key encryption system. It not only keeps

Encrypt a PHP program to protect data from ordinary people

In this increasingly virtual world of the Internet, you have to be careful to protect your own data. This article describes the basics of encoding and encrypting some important information, such as passwords, credit card numbers, or even the entire

Encrypt data to ordinary people and use PHP programs to protect data

To protect data with PHP programs and to protect data with PHP programs, you must be careful to protect your data in an increasingly virtualized internet world. This article describes how to encode and encrypt important information (such as

Securing Web-Safe HTTPS

"Illustrated https" reading notes.There may be security issues such as information eavesdropping or identity spoofing in the HTTP protocol, and the use of HTTPS communication mechanisms can effectively prevent these problems.Disadvantages of

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