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Samsung Galaxy S5 g9006v Custom Call ringtones method diagram

1 crap don't say much we find "apps" on the phone desktop click on it to enter, details below. 2. Again, we click on the "Settings" icon. 3. Set below you will see a "sound" icon, we click "Sound" to enter. 4. As we enter the sound, we find the "ringtone" button and click it as shown in the picture. 5. Furthermore, enter the bell to click the "Add" button. 6. Depending on your needs, choose the path to set the ringtone, as an example of "Voi

Samsung Galaxy S5 gesture induction how to use? S5 gesture induction can't be solved

Setting up the induction function 1 into the mobile phone "settings", in the above column select "My Device." (pictured below) 2 Select "Action and gesture" to find the "gesture sensing" option. (pictured below) 3 "gesture Induction" option to open, and then click the "Gesture Induction" text section into the Gesture Induction settings menu bar, in the inside can be a gesture induction function needs to be involved in the operation set. (pictured below) 2

Where is the Samsung Galaxy S5 4G Air wake function? S5 How to use the air awakening?

1. We only need to find the "apps" option on our desktop in the Samsung Galaxy S5 4G Phone and click on it to enter. 2. Click the "Set" option, and then we'll find the icon in the interface. 3. Slide up the screen and click "Accessibility". 4. Click on the "Agility and interactivity" option and click on it as shown below. 5. Th

Samsung Galaxy S5 fingerprint data leakage Vulnerability

Samsung Galaxy S5 fingerprint data leakage VulnerabilitySamsung Galaxy S5 fingerprint data leakage Vulnerability Release date:Updated on:Affected Systems: Android Samsung Galaxy

New UI Design! Samsung Galaxy S5 Android interface

Samsung has always had a tradition of customizing the Android interface, with the TouchWiz interface installed in a variety of Galaxy devices. Now, the Galaxy S5 Android interface has been exposed, science and technology website Sammobile exclusively issued a number of Galaxy

Where can I set a Samsung S5 incoming call? How to set the S5 incoming call dashboard

1. In the Samsung S5 series, we found the "contact" icon (usually on the mobile desktop). 2. Then we go into the "Contacts" interface will have a lot of contacts, the following figure I do a test user. 3. Now we click on the test contact person to enter, and then in the contact icon we click on it. 4. Then you will pop up the contact Photo dialog box, where you can choose wh

Samsung Galaxy S5 4G (5.0) Phone memo where to create? (g9008w)

1. On the Samsung Galaxy S5 4G (5.0) standby page, click the "Apps" icon at the bottom of the screen, as shown below. 2. Then enter and then find the following "Memo" option. 3. Enter my memo and then click on the "+" icon, the option, the effect is as follows. 4. OK now can start to create a memo, as we

Root Wizard 1.9.1 supports Samsung Galaxy S5 one-click Root

Samsung's latest flagship mobile phone Galaxy S5 is about to start on April 11, April 8, the latest news, the Andro Emperor has not yet listed has been the root wizard success root, when Samsung S5 friends can get the highest access through the root wizard, so that the playing machine without hindrance. The root

How does Samsung S5 connect U-disk via OTG functionality? Galaxy S5OTG Function Connect U disk method

The Samsung Galaxy S5 supports the OTG feature, which enables you to use the OTG connector to operate a mobile phone with a USB disk, mouse, keyboard connection, and so on, to introduce you to the specific operating methods of the USB U disk:1. One u disk.2. OTG connected line one.3. S5 mobile phone. Step 2. Connect

Samsung Galaxy S5 4G (5.0) Create a Memo tutorial (g9008w)

Samsung Galaxy S5 4G (5.0) mobile phone if you want to create a memo we only need a few simple steps to do, the details of the operation are as follows: 1. We only need to click "Application" in the Mobile interface. 2. Click on the "Memo" option, so you can create a memo, as shown below. 3. Click the "+" icon.

Samsung Galaxy S5 4G mobile phone can not connect the computer how to do? Open the USB mode tutorial

If we have to connect to the computer, then we have to turn on the USB mode, because the Android phone must be USB mode to connect the computer, otherwise it is unable to connect the computer Oh, okay, let's take a look at the Open USB mode tutorial 1. In Samsung Galaxy S5 4G We clicked the "Apps" option, which is as follows.2. Click "Set".3. In the access inte

What should I do if Samsung S5 prompts "not registered on the network" that it cannot call?

Yesterday when using Samsung S5 g9008v on the phone, suddenly the screen prompts "not registered on the network", can not make call call, this began to think is a network problem but carefully looked at the network signal is full of freeze will see the upper left corner of the "Triangle exclamation" icon, this question

Samsung S5 How to delete an e-mail account? email Account Deletion method

1. In our Samsung S5 mobile phone standby state Click on the desktop "app".2. Then see the next Figure red box, click on it. 3. In the Open interface we look down and there will be an "email" we click on it to enter. 4. OK here will see a "Management account" function we click on it, as shown in the picture. 5. OK, now let's click "Delete

Samsung Galaxy A9 Call restrictions how to set (A9000)

A9 call restrictions how to set it, this setting is very simple but there is a prerequisite for your SIM card operators need to support and open this function, otherwise the mobile phone settings do not function Oh. Call Restriction action Call restrictions can be set according to certain conditions password, limited phone access and mobile phone business. If

Samsung Galaxy A5 (2016) Call recording function tutorial? (A5100)

1. We only need to access to the Samsung Galaxy A5 (2016) mobile phone interface, and then click the "Phone" option to enter.2. After entering, we click on the "Dial" icon in the interface. (for example, choose Card 1.) ) The effect is as shown below3. OK, after entering the interface, we will find the following "recording", at this time your call began to be rec

How to delete a call record on a Samsung G3508 mobile phone

When you want to delete a call record from your phone, you can follow these steps: 1. Under the Standby page, click on "mobile". 2. Click "Record" at the top of the screen. 3. Click the "Menu" button in the lower left corner and select "View Mode". 4. Click on "All calls". 5. Click the "Menu" button in the lower left corner and select "Delete".

Android Notes-Delete the system call log

equivalent to: Uri.parse ("Content://call_log/calls"); You can use any of them.Get Content ParserContentresolver resolver = Getcontentresolver ();The Getcontentresolver () method is a method of the content classAction Content ParserIn fact, the operation and operation of SQLite almost the same way, such as delete operations:New String[]{number});Deletes all records for a given number and can also add conditions (such as type=1) to

N5100 How to delete a call log

1. Under the Standby page, click on "mobile". 2. Click "Record" at the top of the screen. 3. Click the "Menu" button at the bottom left of the screen and select "View Mode". 4. Click on "All calls". 5. Click the "Menu" button at the bottom left of the screen and select "Delete". 6. Click "Select All". (If you want to delete only part of the

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