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Win7 system how to remove Internet browsing history and cookies

Win7 system how to remove Internet browsing history and cookies 1, open their own win7 theme computer, in the lower left corner of the computer screen, find the "Start" menu options, and then click with the mouse; 2, in the Open "Start"

Use cookies to record clicks/browsing history and deposit in JSON format

I haven't written a blog for a long time. Write a small demo today.Use cookies to record the history of each click, and to store cookies in JSON format, if the same browsing history is not recordedOnly the latest 3 data is set in the Demo.if (len > 2

"Reprint" Talk about cookies

0x00 IntroductionIn the history of Web technology, the advent of cookie technology is a major change. However, Cookie technology is a very controversial technology, from the date it was born into a vast network of users and web developers of a

"01" page to clear the history of browsing records can be completely deleted browsing history?

No......Even if you delete all the records, you can use data recovery tools to retrieve them.Even if you cover n times with professional tools to make sure the data can't be recovered, the Web site also has a memory of which IP has visited what time.

Win8 system with the Delete browsing history operation Introduction

As we all know, when we browse the Web, the computer's various historical records will be automatically saved, which can record the location of our browsing, but the negative effect is to expose the privacy, but also the speed of the computer will

How to remove the Win8 system browsing history to extract performance

It is well known that computers produce various browsing history data in use, such as temporary Internet files, download history, cookies, and Web site data, and so on, which can affect the speed of the system. The Ghost Win7 local file browsing

How to delete the Mac version of Safari browsing record?

How to delete the Mac version of Safari browsing record? Sometimes we do not want to leave traces when we use the browser to browse the Web. In fact, it is very simple, you can set the deletion on the browser. The following Mac version Safari

Is the private browsing mode secure? Identify Web browser risks

SummaryTo prevent websites from collecting user information, browser creators have developed a pattern called "private browsing", which is an optional setting to prevent users from being sent identifiable data, such as cookies. This article analyzes

How do I clear the browsing history of IE in Windows Phone?

Since Microsoft launched Windows Phone, there have been some users using Windows Phone. The Windows Phone system's built-in IE browser extends some of the features of IE on the PC side, including the automatic saving of user browsing records, which

Article history browsing record method in JavaScript

Implementation principle The realization of this function is very simple, in a nutshell is to find a place to save some information on the page, if the page two times are visited, the new content to cover up the old content; When the page loads,

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