how to delete sites on google chrome

Learn about how to delete sites on google chrome, we have the largest and most updated how to delete sites on google chrome information on

Google Chrome Browser does not open the page, show err_failed ... Solutions to such problems

New Win7 system, open Google Browser, show that the Web page may be temporarily unable to connect, or it has been permanently moved to the address. In the network search for a lot of data, found that the solution is as follows, the test

Chrome plugin (Extensions) Development strategy

Directory Why do I need Why Chrome? What to prepare How to get Started Page Action Chrome plugin Structure Learning materials My example Debugging Debug Content Scripts Debug background

7 Big You may not know the chrome use tips

Microsoft IE Hoodwink era is gone, and in the current browser "Warring states separatist" in recent years, the emergence of Google Chromium/chrome and based on its derived browser (such as 360 speed, sogou, maple ...) The share of users ' desktops

Chrome browser Extracts web video

we usually generate caches when we surf the internet to listen to music, but it's hard to extract the video and music files from some software .For the Chrome browser mentioned in this article, as mentioned in the previous blog post, please scroll

Google Browser 7 Practical tips

A. Quickly close tab page Believe that most people still use the mouse directly click on the Close button to close the tag, you may know that the Chrome specifically to the label off optimized, each click off will automatically change the width of

Web page Production Tips Tutorial: Learn about the browser's own development tools

Article Description: How much do you know about the browser's own development tools? Conventional Find development tools Shortcut: "F12" (Windows) "CMD" ⌘+ "Option" + "I" (MAC) Right-select "Inspect element check elements"

How to keep last-modifed while keeping Chrome and other browsers from the "from cache"?

I have a Web application, server-side data is generated dynamically, through the program on the server side cache, with last-modified to indicate the update time. But without random numbers on the URL, Google Chrome always "from cache" without

Take advantage of Elmah and Google to experience a thrill of intrusion

IntroducedAbout Elmah, I believe everyone is not unfamiliar, the most popular error logging component, used by people know its powerful power, can record very detailed error information for administrators and developers to analyze. Elmah is very

Recommended 10 extensions for Chrome

1.Pocket Figure 2 Pocket The extension, formerly known as "read it later", has been renamed a pocket, and from its original name it can be understood that it is a temporary collection of articles that are being read so that they

Build the right research environment with CentOS 7: Zhuan

This blog post records the process of building a seismological research environment with CentOS 7 for my personal reference in future re-installation of the system. For other seismological researchers, it may be useful for reference.Reading

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