how to delete unused files on android

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Android Studio--Automatically delete unused resources, give apk minus weight loss

shoes can follow my blog, my column will continue to update the Android Studio tutorial, as well as I/O assembly on the NDK configuration and compilation, I will also share to everyone.And I received an invitation from CSND's instructor, and later I will record the use of these Android studio videos into a video published at Csdn College. /** * -------------- * 欢迎转载 | 转载请注明 * -------------- * 如果对你有

Android 4.3 system cropping-delete unused apps and add your own app

compilingcommand line to the project root folder, run: SOURCE build/envsetup.shChoosecombo (select default Direct carriage return)Make-j2 There are also those who say this directly. I don't have a test: Make cleanMakeWhen the compilation is complete, start the virtual machine:./EMULATOR-AVD Androidname-system Out/target/product/generic/system.img Methods for compiling individual modules $.build/envsetup.shMMM packages/apps/contacts/Demo sample compile Contac

Importing unused CSS files and displaying unused HTML pages on different devices

=function() { varUA =navigator.useragent, Iswindowsphone=/(?: Windows Phone)/. Test (UA), Issymbian=/(?: SymbianOS)/.test (UA) | |Iswindowsphone, Isandroid=/(?: Android)/. Test (UA), Isfirefox=/(?: Firefox)/. Test (UA), Ischrome=/(?: chrome| Crios)/. Test (UA), Istablet=/(?: ipad| PlayBook)/.test (UA) | | (Isandroid !/(?: Mobile)/.test (UA)) | | (Isfirefox /(?: Tablet)/. Test (UA)), Isphone=/(?: IPhone)/.test (UA) !Istablet, IsPc=!isphone

Android app slimming (removal of unused resources in engineering) detailed _android

Remove unused resources from the Android project The project needs to change again, the UI a tune again, the result is a project in a heap has not used but did not clean up the garbage resources, not to mention the size of the project, for the new entrants to the project or to see the code of other modules, these resources may also be not clean up the resource can be troubled, so it is best to clean up the

Delete unused images in the ios project using scripts.

Delete unused images in the ios project using scripts. I recently learned a major trick in reading Tang Qiao's "iOS development advanced": using scripts to delete unused images in ios. (there is a small problem in the paper. Refer to the issue on github: delete

Rhel5.4 delete unused kernels

Rhel5.4 delete unused kernels-general Linux technology-Linux technology and application information. For more information, see the following section. I use rhel5.4 and have not registered Therefore, you do not need to manually upgrade to the new kernel. The deletion method is different from the yum upgrade method. Delete A non-kernel method: 1.

Remove unused resources from Android projects

up the drawable, for each item can also be based on the rules of the file name to clean up a small portion at a time, such as only clean res/layout in the beginning of item_of files. Lint analysis seems to be not completely accurate, or not enough intelligence, such as a drawable is only a layout reference, and this layout is unused, lint may not find this drawable is

Remove unused resources from Android projects

very regular File_path[:line]: warning:info [Unusedresources} So it is easy to get which file or even which line has a problem, I deal with the time only clean up the useless files, like the above res/values/arrays.xml:202 there is no tube, see below how to clean up the unused resource files.? 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16

Android Lint Checks check for unused resources

Today, a group of Android Developers asked: how to find unused resource files? My answer: AndroidLint checks. Kids shoes are confused. I didn't know it had this feature. In fact, Android lint checks can not only check which image XML files are referenced, but also check whet

Clear unused resources in the Android Project

The project needs to be changed and the UI needs to be adjusted. The result is that a bunch of junk Resources in the project that are not used but are not cleaned up, not to mention the project size, for new project users or those who read code from other modules, these uncleared resources may also cause problems. Therefore, it is best to clear the garbage, for a slightly larger project, manual cleanup is obviously unrealistic. This requires a method to do these tasks.Clear resource

Android 4.3 system cropping-remove unused apps and add apps

Remove Unused APKThe system comes with the app location in/android4.3/packages/appsHere are some app action analysis: | |–basicsmsreceiver | |–bluetooth (bluetooth) | |–browser (browser) | |–calculator (Calculator) | |–calendar (Calendar) br>| |–camera (camera) | |–cellbroadcastreceiver | |–certinstaller (Install digital signature in Android, called) | |–contacts (dial (call), Contacts, call logs) |

Android audio processing through Audiorecord to save PCM files for recording, playback, stop, delete function _android

Short[buffersize]; Audiorecord.startrecording (); LOG.I (TAG, "Start recording"); IsRecording = true; while (isrecording) {int bufferreadresult = (buffer, 0, buffersize); for (int i = 0; i If you want to debug these PCM files to do audio testing, I recommend using audacity this software, you can see, I directly click on the upper left corner of the file-import-source files, and then se

Perfect solution to Android JNI project will delete other so files problem _android

In the development of Android project, the project uses to JNI development, use C + + to write own so library, debug and run all normal, file code is as follows: Local_path: = $ (call My-dir) include $ (clear_vars) local_module:=observer local_src_files:=observer.c local_c_includes:= $ (local_path)/include Local_ldlibs + +-l$ (sysroot)/usr/lib-llog include $ (build_shared_library) If we need to introduce other third-party so l

Small example: When saving an Android project, delete useless files (find + RM)

1. Remove the bin and Gen under Android engineering2. Delete the git-generated. Git folder3. Delete the SVN generated. SVN folder$ find Project name-name bin-exec RM-RVF {} \;$ find Project name-name gen-exec RM-RVF {} \;$ find Project name-name. git-exec RM-RVF {} \;$ find Project name-name. svn-exec RM-RVF {} \;This article is from the "Andyhdchoice" blog, make

Solve the problem that the android jni project will delete other so files

Solve the problem that the android jni project will delete other so files During Android project development, jni is used in the project, and C/C ++ is used to write its own so library. debugging and running are all normal. The Android. mk file code is as follows: LOCAL_PATH

How to clean up redundant class files and resource files and redundant images in Android projects with Eclipse

GitHub good stuff, too much recommended)Here is an introduction to the file:CU is the abbreviation for clear unused, which is used to clean up useless code files and resource files in Android is used to clean up resource files, with the lint t

Disk C is too small. We recommend that you delete the following files to release space!

all running programs during the sorting process. 5. after fragment, open "start"-"program"-"attachment"-"system tool"-"System Restore"-"Create a Restore Point" (it is best to pay back the site on the current date ). origin name) 6. open "my computer", right-click the system disk, and choose "properties"> "Disk Cleanup"> "other options". Then, click "clean" in the System Restore column and select "yes" -OK 7. After various software and hardware are installed properly, it is very rare for XP

Android recursively deletes all files (. mp3 files, etc.) under a folder _android

1. Because you need to delete files, you need the following permissions: 2. Core Code Copy Code code as follows: Package Com.example.deleteyoumi; Import; Import Android.os.Bundle; Import Android.os.Handler; Import Android.os.Message; Import; Import Android.view.Menu; Import Android.view.View; Import Android.view.View.OnClickListener; Import Android.w

Android clears useless resource files and android resource files from the project.

Android clears useless resource files and android resource files from the project.1. Call the Android lint command to find useful resources and generate a list: Command: lint-check "UnusedResources" [project_path]> result.txtAfter execution, a configuration file is generate

c disk which files can delete the system is more and more slow how to do

c disk which files can be deleted 2K/XP system c:documents and settings common user name TempC:winnttemp these two folders empty98 System C:windowstemp This folder is emptyNo matter what the system is to empty IE's temporary files.Estimate if your system is running for a long time and you haven't done that. About 200M of space can be poured out.Look at the download software you use the default download path is not in C disk? If so, change it to D pla

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