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Deploy OpenStack problem Rollup (i)--install OpenStack using packstack: Handling of source issues

During the installation process, a source problem was encountered and the Web page for the package could not be found: reopen the preloaded source address, open the Epel-openstack-havana.repo file, and display the following:# Place this file in Your/etc/yum.repos.d/directory[openstack-havana]name=openstack Havana Repository for EPEL 6baseurl= http://repos.fedorap

Learn OpenStack (5): Deploy the Juno version of OpenStack Four node environment on Mac

that the state of the virtual machine remains in the building state, you can manually modify the database records to become active.Update instances set vm_state= ' active ' where uuid= ' 9ff3776b-6835-4a4e-8b11-b440591ca9b9 '; 6. Impressions1. Learning OpenStack, Devstack is not enough to start with the environment.2. One of the great benefits of open source products is that you can modify the code as needed3. Set debug=true in config file, you can g

Deploy OpenStack Problem Rollup (v) Delete a virtual host in--openstack state has not been deleting

number.) )After that, Dashboard's page found that it was deleted.Restart Nova-compute, create the virtual machine again, and the status is active.Problem thinking Direction: The operation of virtual machine (create, delete, etc.) must be related to Nova-compute.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------March 25, 2014 update after following the above actions, and found that although the instance has been deleted, such as: If you want to m

Use RDO to deploy OpenStack graphic tutorials in O01-linux CentOS7

First, preface1.RDO is an open source project in Red Hat, the full name of RPM distribution of OpenStack, that can help us deploy OpenStack projects quickly.Official Deployment Documentation: This installation is basically in accordance with the official documentation of the steps to operate, in addition to the seco

Use Openshit to deploy OpenStack (Juno version) in ubuntu14.04 next key

Tags: technology sharing deploy other chmod his ace dashboard edit imgFirst, the basic introductionThis experiment was to deploy OpenStack (Juno version) on virtual machine ubuntu14.04 (64bit,desktop) on VMware Workstation. The tool used is openshit.Openshit is a project on GitHub, see website:Https:// The environment i

Quickly deploy OpenStack on the Ubuntu14.04

Address of this document ( For beginners, OpenStack manual deployment is cumbersome and takes more time to learn. But we can use deployment scripts to install OpenStack. Online there is a known as the most stupid OpenStack deployment tool called Devstack. I used to think it was quite a fool. The component is pu

Deploy OpenStack to atomic systems based on Docker, kubernetes

Statement:I read the notes, the translation of the article is only for paraphrase. If anything is wrong, please state.Need more understanding of the source, please read English by yourself.This blog welcome forwarding, but please keep the original author information!Blog Address: Http:// Weibo: Looking for MiraclesThe content of my study, research and summary, if there is similar, it is honored!Deploy

Quickly deploy OpenStack on the Ubuntu14.04

For beginners, OpenStack manual deployment is cumbersome and takes more time to learn. But we can use deployment scripts to install OpenStack.Online there is a known as the most stupid OpenStack deployment tool called Devstack. I used to think it was quite a fool. The component is pulled straight down from GitHub, not only slow not to say, Even version compatibility may be problematic. It took 4 hours to in

How to quickly deploy an OpenStack environment--devstack project

Preface Every time you mention deploying OpenStack is a very complex thing, and of course many people will mention the use of devstack to quickly deploy OpenStack, generally we use devstack to deploy the development environment, It can be implemented on a machine to deploy a

How to deploy openstack to hadoop

storage and computing nodes. Therefore, an enterprise must first build a private cloud and then add large data. Therefore, in this case, SWIFT, Nova, and rabbitmq are used and the controller node is used to manage and maintain the environment. However, the question is whether an enterprise needs to divide the environment into several parts for different systems and business departments (for example, non-Big Data virtual machines or customer server instances ). If you want to use the private clo

Deploy kanyun in OpenStack

, enter the ip address of the computing node. SQL _connection: Enter the connection value in nova. conf. Id set by node number Configuration File [kanyun]log: /var/log/kanyun/kanyun.log[DEFAULT]sql_connection: mysql://nova:novamysqlpassword@controller/nova[worker]id: worker1worker_timeout: 60dataserver_host: 5551log: /var/log/kanyun/kanyun-worker.log[client]api_host: 5552log: /var/log/kanyun/kanyun-client.logStart the service python /opt/kanyun/b

CentOS 7 Deployment OpenStack (5)-Deploy Nova Compute nodes

Openstack-nova-compute[Email protected] ~]# systemctl start LIBVIRTD openstack-nova-computeView Validation Viewing on the control node[[email protected] ~]# OpenStack host list+------------+-------------+----------+| Host Name | Service | Zone |+------------+-------------+----------+| Controller | Consoleauth | Internal || Controller | Scheduler |internal || Con

Deploy the microbosh configuration file on openstack

[1] deployment version:Bosh 1.5.0.pre.1657Bosh-stemcell-2624-openstack-kvm-centos.tgz [Deployment file]Micro_bosh.yml Name: microbosh-Icehouse Logging:Level: Debug Network:Type: DynamicVIP: # optionalCloud_properties: net_id: 4fab3e5e-837a-4a43-8a4c-aebca74e4102 Resources:Persistent_disks: 8192Cloud_properties: instance_type: m1.special Cloud:Plugin: openstackProperties: openstack:

Deploy OpenStack problem Rollup (vii)--Troubleshoot Apache boot error "httpd:could not reliably determine ..."

Today, when debugging OpenStack, restart Apache with the following error:[[Email protected] log]# service httpd restart stop httpd:[OK] starting httpd:httpd:Could not reliably determine the server ' s ful Ly qualified domain name, using for servername[OK] on the/etc/hosts toss a while, no fruit. Later on Google and Baidu search found that need to modify a place in the HTTP configuration file1) Enter Apache installation directory: (depending

Deploy another instance and Local Network-5 minutes a day to play with OpenStack (131)

-1482841779121004386.jpg "/>The network structure of the current host is as follows:650) this.width=650; "Src=" Upload-ueditor-image-20161227-1482841779322035224.jpg "/>Two instance are hung on the br-int and can communicate with each other.Create a second local networkTo analyze the connectivity of the local network, we create a "second_local_net".Most properties of second_local_net are the same as first_local_net, except that the IP pool range is 172.16.1

Deploy another instance and Local Network-5 minutes a day to play with OpenStack (131)

The previous section deployed CIRROS-VM1 to First_local_net, and today we will deploy CIRROS-VM2 to the same network and create second_local_net.connecting a second instance to first_local_netIn the same way launch instance "CIRROS-VM2", the assigned IP is CIRROS-VM2 is also schedule to the control node, and the output of Ovs-vsctl show is as follows:CIRROS-VM2 for the TAP device is tapddbbb728-93.From CIRROS-VM2 can Ping the IP address

Deploy instance to VXLAN-5 minutes a day to play OpenStack (112)

cirros-vm2 in the same way, assigning the IP to this.width=650; "Src=" Upload-ueditor-image-20161113-1479026489473056264.jpg "/>The CIRROS-VM2 is schedule to the compute node, the corresponding tap device is TAP457CC048-AA, and connected to bridge brq1762d312-d4.650) this.width=650; "Src=" Upload-ueditor-image-20161113-1479026489603043136.jpg "/>Because there is no HDCP service on the compute nodes,

Create OVS vlan101 and deploy instance-5 minutes a day to play with OpenStack (139) Upload-ueditor-image-20170117-1484631963570088105.jpg "/>The IP assigned to the CIRROS-VM3 is this.width=650; "Src=" Upload-ueditor-image-20170117-1484632053655003094.png "alt=" Image615.png "/>The CIRROS-VM3 is schedule to the compute node and the virtual network card is connected to the Br-int.650) this.width=650; "Src=" Upload-ueditor-image-20170117-1484631963692015111.jpg "/>65

Deploy Devstack-5 minutes a day to play OpenStack (17)

This section deploys the Devstack lab environment, including control nodes and compute nodes, as follows:Create a virtual machineCreate Devstack-controller and Devstak-compute virtual machines according to physical resource requirementsInstalling the operating systemInstall Ubuntu 14.04, and configure eth0 IP devstack-controller devstak-compute CodeDownload the Devstack code and switch to the Stable/liberty branch Apt-get Install Git-ygit clone http

[Deploy article 4] VMware installs the Nova installation of the openstack--control node

In general, OpenStack requires at least two physical machines, or two nodes, the control nodes and compute nodes mentioned earlier. In general, the control node does not require excessive hardware resources, compute nodes need a relatively high hardware resources, but often the user's two nodes of the hardware information is the same, so we will also install Nova on the control node, to use the Control node hardware resource information. Second, inst

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