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2016 what are the necessary Android apps for hackers?

Disclaimer: This list is published for learning purposes only. We do not support the reader to use any of these tools for any unethical malicious attack.Based on a series of reviews from the industry and hands-on experience, we've compiled this list of the best Android hacker apps. In addition to the description of the app itself, it will also provide the relevant website and download links to help you inst

Use Python and sl4a Android apps to build your own Android development environment under Ubuntu

Reprinted from: I recently looked at head first Python, which has chapters on Python's development in Android, but I need to get an android emulator, so I started tossing on Ubuntu.One, because the Android SDK is running on top of Java, you have to configure the JDKOn Oracle's website i downloaded the JDK7 32-bit installat

Top ten common UX errors in Android apps

The Android developer Relationship team is experimenting with countless apps every day, or apps that are being evaluated by countless developers, and they've summed up 10 of the most common bugs after evaluating so many applications. The Android developers team is experimenting with countless

Android new/edit contacts, detect the email/email address format is legal

= R.string.cannot_insert_error_format_email; Resources Please add yourselfMemailinvalid = false;2. Phone Local Contact: Modify the code as (Packages\apps\contacts\src\com\android\contacts\editor)A Introduction PackageImport Java.util.regex.Pattern;B Add Variableprivate static final String Usim_email_pattern = "0-9][a-z][a-z][_0-9][a-z][a-z][-_.*@0-9][a-z][a-z][-_.+";In the

Android apps use ultrasound to get user privacy

650) this.width=650; "Title=" Android app uses ultrasound to get user privacy Android apps use ultrasound to get user privacy "alt=" Android apps use ultrasound to get user privacy Android app

Android combat--leakcanary detect memory leaks

refers to the memory that is required by the program, which exceeds the range that the system can allocate, resulting in overflow. The default maximum memory value for Android apps is 16M, and if you use more memory than the maximum, it can result in an app errorCommon memory overflows are: Memory overflow due to large picture Leakcanary is an artifact developed by square to

[Android Tips] 13. How to Detect Tablet

/** * Determine if the flat @param context @return */public Staticboolean Istablet (context context) { return ( Context.getresources (). GetConfiguration (). Screenlayout Configuration.screenlayout_size_ MASK) >= configuration.screenlayout_size_large;}Ref How to tell whether it's a phone or tablet in Android How ANDROID

Google Android Developer Documentation Series-Create shared files for apps with content sharing features

Sharing a file (shared files)This series of articles in my study of Google Developer documentation combined with Google translation and their own understanding of the writing, I hope to learn Android development friends bring some convenience, due to the limited level of personal translation, so the content contains the original text and translation, I hope that the browser combined understanding, so as not to step into the misunderstanding I may be w

"Turn" Android application Development:10 Tips for more efficient Apps

The best recipe for becoming a all flop in Google Play are to release an app that's battery and memory hungry with a Slow interface. Most likely, these qualities would ensure negative reviews from the users and result in a bad reputation, even if your app have Great Designand a unique idea.Every drawback in product efficiency, battery and memory consumption can really affect your app ' s success. That's why it's critical to develop well-optimized, smooth running

Download phpdroid: Developing Android Apps based on WebView and PHP built-in HTTP server

'); } The PHP service executes the auth.php file before processing each request. If UA (useragent) does not match, the program exits with exit. Android previous app for one user, each app directory only allows the app to access the user, So unless the phone is rooted, other apps can't read the data in the Phpdroid app directory. You can access the PHP service by reading the UA file in the

Android Development Practice: detecting memory footprint and leaks in apps

) The code involved in the JNI layer, because the JNI layer is written in C + +, you need to manage the allocation/recycling of memory, so be careful.So what is the effective way to detect memory usage and memory leaks in Android development?Here are three ways to focus:1. Log information of the programWhen the program is garbage collected, a log message (Logcat window) is printed, for example:D/DALVIKVM (9

Tips for defining shadows and cropping views for Android apps

that can override the default view Shadow shape.Customize a profile in your own code:1. Inheriting the Viewoutlineprovider class2. Overriding the Getoutline () method3. Set the outline in the view, using the View.setoutlineprovider () methodYou can create ellipses and rounded rectangle outlines using methods in the outline class. The default outline provider of the view generates outlines based on the background of the view. You can set the outline provider of the view to NULL to prevent castin

Several Android phone apps that Raspberry Pi players must install

Raspberry Pi Home for your friends to collect the following several mobile phone apps, with these software, in your playing Raspberry Pi process, will play a powerful effect.Because many of the software is Google Play, and in the celestial world we can not use Google's services, so the software has been uploaded to Baidu network disk, convenient for everyone to download.1. Raspi Check (click to download)This app is the author's favorite, used to

Create material Design-style Android apps-define shadows and crop views

. You can crop the outline of a view using a View.setClipToOutLine() method, or a android:clipToOutline property. Only rectangles, rounded rectangles, and circle outlines are clipped, and you can use Outline.canClip() methods to detect whether the support is clipped. Crop the view to a drawable shape, set drawable as the background of the view (let the view appear on it), and call the View.setClipToOutline() method. Cropping a view is an expensive ope

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