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FFmpeg Configure configuration Options _ffmpeg

Help Options standard Options license option licensing options configuration Options Program options Document Options Documentation Options component option Component options individual component option individual component Options Extension Library

Ways to disable WEB service extensions using iisext.vbs _vbs

Applied to: Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2003 R2, Windows Server 2003 with SP1 You can use command-line scripting iisext.vbs (stored in systemroot\system32) to disable Web service extensions by disabling all files with a specific Web service

How to compile Firefox extensions

How to compile Firefox extension (1)-technical preparation I have been using Firefox for a long time. I like this little fox very much, especially the rich extensions it provides. I have always wanted to learn about the compilation of Firefox

Chrome 25 awesome: will automatically disable extensions that are secretly installed

Google announced in its official blog yesterday that Chrome will provide users with a more powerful protection function in the future and will not allow any Silent Installation extension. Users have the right to know which extensions are running,

Share some of the most useful Visual Studio extensions

Extension ManagerVisual Studio 2010 has a new Extension Manager feature that you can use to add, remove, enable, and disable Visual Studio extensions. We can install extensions from the Visual Studio Gallery Web site, which are typically VSIX

50 of the best Firefox extensions on Linux __linux

Firefox has hundreds of extensions, which one do you want to use? This collection of 50 popular extensions, download after installation, will make your Firefox browsing easier. Note that most extensions can be used on FireFox2.0, and if they are not

How to compile function extensions for Cloud9 JavaScript IDE

Last weekend, we released Cloud9 IDE in JSConf. eu and the corresponding GitHub project. In four days, the project received 340 people's attention and nearly 50 forks. Cloud9's slogan is "IED created by Javascripters for Javascripters", which is a

Use VC9, VC11 to compile 32-bit, 64-bit PHP and its extensions in Windows systems

AOP is required in the project using the Runkit module, but the development environment for the team members is Windows, and the Runkit module does not provide DLL extensions in the Windows environment and compiles itself only.The following is a

Windows stops making PHP extensions

Making PHP Extensions under Windows Making PHP Extensions under Windows January 26, 2011 Turn from: ml Some of the required headers for compiling PHP extensions need to be obtained from the PHP

Solve the problem of compiling PHP memcached extensions: PHP

This article introduces you to solve the problem of compiling PHP memcached extensions: php_libmemcached_compat.h:5:40: Error: libmemcached-1.0/ Memcached.h: Without that file or directory, I hope the article will help you.     The server is CENTOS6

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