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Change the CakePHP instruction Homepage

Premise: You already? What are the advantages ?? Yes, if ?? Yes ?,?? : CakePHP 1.2? Yi 'an ??? Set I. CakePHP object ?? Ming: In? Before running the program, how does CakePHP arrange the program ?. Basically, Version 1.1 and version 1.2? What? Poor ?

CakePHP uses Javascripthelper to introduce JS files

The content of the head part of the page is mainly controlled by HtmlHelper in CakePHP, while the JS part is controlled by Javascripthelper, which is set in controller: var $helpers = Array (' Html ', ' Javascript '), you can use the

Cakephp instance parsing cakephp instance

According to the naming conventions, the database table posts should have a Post model class, which is defined in app/models/post. php. let's understand the code in the Blog example (no $ scaffold is used) According to the naming conventions, the

php:40+ Development Tools Recommended

PHP is a server scripting language designed for Web development, but it is also a common programming language. More than 240 million indexed domains use PHP, including many important sites, such as Facebook, Digg, and WordPress. Compared to other

What Should 15 Web developers be thankful?

1. Mosaic Graphic designers should remember one day in November, because it gave birth to a career that allows you to make a living. Without the support for mosaic image display, the Internet simply does not need a good design. Mosaic was born in 1

Knowledge Summary of High-load and high-concurrency website architecture-recognition of high-traffic website architecture

Knowledge about high-load and high-concurrency website architecture-Overview of high-traffic website architecture [others] Post by wrong-T/Monday I. Hard Architecture   1: Data Center Selection: When selecting a data center, you can select a China

Collect and sort out some common PHP class libraries

Collect and sort some common PHP class libraries. collect and sort out some common PHP class libraries, resources, and skills so that you can quickly find what you need at work... The content in this list includes awesome-php translation,

Netbeans 6.5 Development Plan

By netbeans wiki,7/4/08   Directory Netbeans 6.5 Development Plan Demand Summary Schedule (not yet determined) Key features Quality Standard Netbeans release Feature details Script PHP language and project

Comparison of Two flash chart controls: anychart and fusioncharts

Preface: Flash charts are favored by users for their dynamic and interactive visual experience. This article compares fusioncharts and anychart, two commonly used flash chart controls.Fusioncharts Fusioncharts is a cross-platform and cross-browser

Thinkphp entry 1 (45)

: This article mainly introduces Thinkphp entry 1 (45). If you are interested in the PHP Tutorial, refer to it. What is a framework? It is a collection of code that can include variables, constants, functions, classes, and so on. These codes are

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