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Ubuntu 12.04 FTP Server configuration

Installation: sudo apt-get install vsftpd # VSFTP (Very secure FTP) is a very secure and fast-stable FTP server in Unix/linux After installation, you may automatically generate an account "FTP",/home will also add a folder. If you do not generate

Establishment and maintenance of FTP site

1, create a new FTP site Execute the Start]→[program]→[Administrative Tools]→[internet Server Manager command to open the Internet Information Services dialog box. Right-click the server node, select the new]→[ftp site command from the pop-up

IIS7: configure the ftp site through scripts, iis7ftp

IIS7: configure the ftp site through scripts, iis7ftp Appcmd.exe is a command line tool for site management provided by IIS7. It supports Ftp and Http sites at the same time. Its functions are powerful. For details, refer to the Microsoft

FTP list of major Chinese Universities

FTP list of major Chinese Universities Note: users with the "+" number are recommended sites, which are divided into three levels: +, ++, ++;B is the site for recommended books;The person who calls "C" is a recommendation cartoon (comic)

Linux terminal access FTP and upload download files __linux

 Category: Linux 2010-08-17 17:58 25443 people read Comments (0) Favorites Report Linux terminal user Oracle command FTP server Today, my colleague asked me a question, access FTP under Linux, and upload the file. I've been using the WinSCP tool

FTP server Setup and upload and download learning

The first steps to build the FTP service are as follows:1. Start the FTP service on the Win7: Click OK here, you may have to wait a while, after the completion of the system will sometimes prompt to restart2. Turn on the computer--"manage--" Here we

"Turn" easy to handle the FLASHFXP of FTP all Raiders

Reprint website: to handle the FLASHFXP of FTP all RaidersGuide:FLASHFXP is a powerful fxp/ftp software that incorporates the advantages of some other excellent FTP software. Like CuteFTP can compare

Linux FTP command

What is the difference between anftp get command and a mget command ?get Download only one file at a time, mget can download more than one file at a time, and support wildcard characters, it is necessary to note that in mget, you need to choose y/n

Setup of the built-in FTP components under Win7

FTP is one of the most convenient schemes for sharing files in LAN. Win7 internal integration of FTP, just set up a lot of effort. The text to remember.First, install the FTP componentBecause Win7 does not have the FTP component installed by default.

Graphic tutorial on setting up an FTP server in IIS

In enterprises, the sharing of some large files is usually done in the form of FTP, and because FTP can eliminate the differences between operating systems, the function of sharing files between different operating systems is particularly prominent.

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