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Android NDK Development (6)-use open-source LAME to transcode mp3 and androidndk

Android NDK Development (6)-use open-source LAME to transcode mp3 and androidndk Reprinted please indicate the source:Http:// In the previous blogs in this column, I talked about some Android NDK

PHP converts AMR audio files to MP3 format

The whole idea1, Server Installation FFmpeg2, Use the FFMPEG-I directive to convert AMR to MP3 format (this will be written in PHP code, using the EXEC function can be executed)3. Use the HTML5 audio tag to play the MP3 file on the web sideHere are

Android MP3 recording implementation

Android MP3 recording implementationAndroid recording supports amr and aac formats, but these two audio formats do not work well across platforms. MP3 is obviously the best cross-platform choice. Recently, due to project requirements, this

Lame "command line"

VBR Encoding(Strongly recommended)Alt preset extreme (average 256 kbps) we sometimes see online ". LAME-APX." In this form, we can also include this tag in the file name. This is a parameter recommended by lame developers. The optimal balance

Details about the sed command of the text processing tool

======= The knowledge learned by the blogger comes from the hands-on Teacher Ma Ge ====== Marco education's "2014 summer camp" has begun !!! Mago education is currently the most cost-effective Linux training, ranking first in the country, and known

FFmpeg compilation details

FFmpeg compilation details There are many problems with FFMPEG compilation in both Windows and Linux. Therefore, the compilation option is set up here to build a standardized compilation process, so that beginners can quickly eliminate the fear of

20 Words word processing tips

  1. Remove the header horizontal method two A horizontal line often appears below when the header inserts information, if the horizontal line affects your vision, you can use the following two methods to remove: With the first friend more, that is,

Several recommended players

Several recommended players-general Linux technology-Linux technology and application information. The following is a detailed description. Freeamp 2.1.0 Freeamp is a GPL-compliant audio player that features Free and cross-platform (Windows and

[Cocos2D-x learning] 9. Music dazzle-sound effects and special effects

[Objective]: to create a simple desktop game I. Game concepts The idea of a game is a simple flash game. After my work is done, I found that the Android platform also has a similar game called music. The interface is similar to mine clearance. It

How do I change the context menu?

I. Right-click the menu to reveal the secret1. Right-click all files and add the commandIf your system is installed with WinZip, ultraedit, and so on, when you right-click any file, there will be "add to zip", "UltraEdit-32" and other commands (of

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