how to edit mp3 properties

Learn about how to edit mp3 properties, we have the largest and most updated how to edit mp3 properties information on

Analysis and Solution to MP3 tag garbled characters in Linux

I believe many of my friends may encounter garbled MP3 tags when playing MP3 in Linux, no matter which MP3 player is used. I usually use ex falso (an MP3 tag editor provided by quod libet) to edit tags when the MP3 tag is garbled, enable my player

How to import and sync lyrics in Flash MP3

Learn about several common forms of music: 1, MP3 (mpeg-1 audio Layer 3): Can be high quality, low sampling rate of digital audio files compression. In other words, audio files (mostly large files, such as WAV files) can compress files to a smaller

Win7 system MP3 Music Import to the U disk prompt diskette write protection how to do?

 Win7 system MP3 Music Import to the U disk prompt diskette write protection how to do? 1, press the "win+r" out of operation, in the box input "regedit", and then press ENTER; 2, in the registry in turn to expand

Teach you to play the magic trick of online entertainment flash

   How to convert Flash to exe file With a small software Winafp (download address: can be easily completed. Besides the function of flash playback, it also has the function of exchanging SWF file and exe file.

20 Words word processing tips

  1. Remove the header horizontal method two A horizontal line often appears below when the header inserts information, if the horizontal line affects your vision, you can use the following two methods to remove: With the first friend more, that is,

Batch processing Getting Started manual for batches Common DOS command posts (attrib, del, copy, xcopy) _dos/bat

1.2 Learning attrib del copy xcopy command Learning points:1. Set file properties: attrib2. Delete command: Del3. Copy files: Copy4. Copying files (clips): xcopy First, set file properties: attrib Displays or changes the file properties.ATTRIB [R

KSC Subtitle Making Tutorial

1. How to make KSC subtitles 1, install the little grizzly bear subtitles self-made software Download the mini-Bear subtitle software from the download page and follow the prompts to install it. 2. Start Kbuilder Tools Software Start Kbuilder

Several recommended players

Several recommended players-general Linux technology-Linux technology and application information. The following is a detailed description. Freeamp 2.1.0 Freeamp is a GPL-compliant audio player that features Free and cross-platform (Windows and

115 tips frequently used in PPT

1. quick and flexible change of Image Color: using PowerPoint to make a presentation courseware, inserting beautiful clip art will increase the color of your courseware a lot, but not all the clip art meets your requirements, especially when the

45 practical skills for Windows XP summarized by strong people

1. The audio and video files cannot be deleted in XP. In many cases, this is because the preview function is a ghost. Enter and run "regsvr32/u shmedia. dll" to preview the message. Run "regsvr32 shmedia. dll" when restoring ". In fact, the preview

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